Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hi all-Am trying to figure this whole Pinterest thing out--have been "invited" but now am not sure if I'm too tired but will try to sort through this tomorrow! If you have any info on it-suggestions I am open to anything that will help!@!
I finished Pineberry Lane's Bringing Home the Tree and picked this frame--should have ironed the piece and done better with lighting but you get an idea...I stitched it on Picture This Plus Heroic...great splotches of blue and red. I used overdyed fibers to give it an older look yet!
Well, off to see my pups--here is a picture of Sam and Miley on a puffy quilt that "Grammy" sent to Miss Sam on her birthday--we sure do love Grammy!!  Take care and happy stitching! Molly

Monday, April 16, 2012

A New Week

Hi all-Hope you all are enjoying this week so far--we are finding it too nutty with outdoor work and activities...and trying to squeeze in time for stitching! I was working on the back of my property pulling kudzu--unfortunately my sneakers had no tread so I almost did a "Tarzan" move and swung across the train tracks behind my property...too many screws loose in my head!

We continue to see lots of new designs popping up--lots of new goodies that Beth and I put up on our 4/13/12 page of newbies (http://www.strawberrysampler.com/results.cfm?SubCategory=480) This Santa above will be coming from Mirabilia--gorgeous! And two new designs from Country Cottage-their June Cottage and Cherries and Berries...and my 3-D favorite Spring Heart Hop (the second in this series...the first, Where My Heart Is is also in my "to do" pile!)

Hope you all have a good week-enjoy the weather but here's hoping we get some much needed rain soon-I'm going to run out of Visine soon!

xoxo M