Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Cyber Monday

Hi all-Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving-wow, did that go fast...I still think we are heading towards Halloween! Yikes!!
I've started my Christmas shopping-I went to the outlets on Friday morning before working and then went to KOP yesterday for a bit-on Saturday I went to several small's it going for you all? I've had the best luck so far at the outlets...
Don't forget that we are having a fabric sale through tomorrow-all in-stock fabrics are 20% off-please let us know if you need info on what's in-stock-we'll be glad to check!
Up above are gorgeous and on their way to us soon-from Drawn Thread-the smaller pieces are meant to be calendar covers but definitely could be small pictures...and they don't necessarily have to say the month--it could be a family name, an address...I also think this would be great in a frame that could be changed each month-even one that has room for calendar pages! I just love the designs!
Well, that's it for today--more tomorrow(OMG that will be the last day of November!)
BTW Thanks for stopping in today, Catherine!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nemo!

Above-new from Primitivebetty-love it!

Here it is Friday again and I feel like I haven't gotten anything accomplished-I spent the day yesterday stitching, grocery shopping and doing laundry and didn't get a single picture of Miss S on her new bed-what a slug! And now today is bubby Nemo's big 1st birthday (a made-up day as I don't know when he was really born) -the above picture was his first night at my house-his little face tells it all-what have I gotten into? But he is such a little imp and loves his big brother, Miley.

Heading to stitching in a few minutes-looking forward to seeing some of you there! I've only brought three projects with me :D
The new Country Cottage Snowflake Serenade and Little House North Wind graphs will be next week-and don't forget about our post-Thanksgiving free gift we give away while supplies last-we also will be having another special on Friday and Saturday-stay tuned...
Have a good weekend, get some stitching in, and thank you to all of you that emailed/called/stopped in with recipes!!
Til next week--Molly

Monday, November 15, 2010

The last Little House pattern of 2010

Happy Monday to all-just cruising through designer's websites and blogs-the above will be the last design in 2010 from Little House-very pretty-can't believe that we will be seeing this weather soon enough and that the end of 2010 is that close-Ugh!
Had a great weekend-Beth and I did a girl's day out on Friday-we went to Sephora, The Loft, Macy's and Cheesecake Factory. Fabulous day from start to end. My only regret is that I went with the Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake (good but not great) and not the new Reese's decadent one with chocolate cake and caramel-I know, I know...I am one of those people! I am still boo-hooing it today!! Stupid! I once went out for dinner and ordered soft shelled crabs and lived to regret that one for weeks-I don't go out that often so when I make those kind of mistakes I don't let go easily!
Jacki was in on Thursday and brought us fabulous Pumpkin Orange muffins--delicious! I am adding these to my bake-a-thon...
Pups are good-I went to HomeGoods on Sunday to purchase a new bed for Miss Sammy (the boys had chewed the side off her favorite bed cover-those boys!!) So I found this adorable pale pink bolster bed-once I got it home Nemo decided that it should be his (all things are his-what a boy!) So after some time he gave it up and now Miss S loves it (picture to come tomorrow!)...they are loving the leaves in the yard-they love that swooshy noise they make when all three of them run to the end!
Well, off to finish ordering supplies for the shop--

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

With Thy Needle newbies

Good morning-We're in for some pretty days with sunshine! Thanks, Catherine for the reminder about the Strawberry Muffins and I would love to get the recipe for the Chocolate, chocolate chip and banana muffins...I'm a recipe whore!! I have a cabinet devoted to recipes, cookbooks and Cooks Country magazines...could be worse...could be drugs or guns or expensive handbags...
The above are new from With Thy Needle..all but the top are punch needle..all are adorable! And you know they are all going to go home with me!!
Well, I have just been attacked with a case of hiccups-so I'm off to drink from the wrong side of my coffee cup-ugh!
Hope you have a good day!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This is soooo pretty! New from Country Cottage

Hi all-hope all is good with you! Can't believe the calendar is down to the last few pages-where has it gone?? I'm looking forward to my bake-fest the Wednesday before Thanksgiving-I usually do 5 or 6 pies and 5 or 6 batches of muffins-all between 5PM and midnight-I love it-and I'm always looking for new ideas--I have the two muffin recipes posted on Paulette Stewart's Four Seasons Cafe-sidebar-I have tried her Oreo Freeze and her recipe for Pumpkin Cake with Vanilla frosting-both huge hits... for these recipes!!
So if you have any great recipes--I know I was also looking last year and Catherine, I never tried the recipe you gave me-this may be the year!!
The above is from Country Cottage-not out yet but my favorite from them!!
Well, off to order fabric...have a great day!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's November-Yikes!!

HI all-To those that dared to come visit Beth, Lise and myself on Saturday we thank you!! To Mary W. thank you for the candy--we ate it for lunch (no time for the healthy stuff on Saturday--too busy!) and now there are three pieces left!! Oh my!! To Pat P. thank you for your commiseration about the Phillies and do come to stitching-we miss you!! To Podzi and was good to see you! To Barbara S. we will get lots more in To Diane P. thank you for sending and bringing in Cole Hamel's pic--Good to see you too, Carla S. To the many others that came and kept us smiling we thank you so much! We had a fun day-and we live vicariously through you when we help you pick out projects!!

The above has me jumping for joy-you all know I love these designs and these are spectacular!!

Hope you had a good Halloween-we had 132 Trick or Treaters-lots from the two college campuses nearby-I love both the younger and older kids-all very polite-all eager for some fun. My favorite this year was a little girl and her sister-a peacock and a butterfly-so sweet! Brings back really good memories of my childhood...hope it does for you too!

More soon! M