Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sad News

Hello all-I guess I will never learn-don't look for trouble....Sad news has hit our industry...Kathy from Carriage House will be retiring soon-she is very talented-we have tons of models and charts from her-we will be able to get them only through July 1st of 2010...I am already starting to make a list of those I don't yet have...PLEASE be sure to get what you need--there will be a huge gaping hole in the cross stitch world but understandably she needs to do other things and we all know how short life can be...to Kathy, we at The Strawberry Sampler say Godspeed and we hope our paths meet again someday!

Sadly, Molly

Coming soon!

Howdy-are you all as soggy as we are here? Sue Serio from Fox News (my morning ritual) said we are at almost 7 inches just for March! Doesn't this bode badly for tick season?? UGH!
I have been scouring the web for new-News from Weeks Dye Works is that they will be releasing 10 colors in 40 count linen soon! They will start with more neutral colors-Beige, Straw, Tin Roof, Confederate Grey, Angel Hair, Mocha, Parchment, Linen, Havana, and Putty...
Just Nan is releasing Spring Frills Humbug and Crystal Tulip Pin shortly...
Well, it's snowing now...I guess that will teach me for complaining about the rain!!
Have a good one!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Can it be the end of the week??!!

New from Workbasket, Blue Ribbon, Imaginating, and Sue Hillis...the top picture's quality isn't too great-it is in the Quaker series and is a whale and a mermaid-love them!
14 minutes to go-going to TRY to get caught up on my sleep this weekend-I'm almost finished one of the Blackbird stockings so I will start another-for shop models...Miley and Sammy love it when I stitch because that means quiet time-Miley sits behind me on the back of the chair and Sammy by my legs-little Nemo has to squish in by my side!
Have a fabdabulous weekend !

Hey all-still got the toothpicks stuck in my eye sockets-ugh-so sleepy today! Will post more pictures later this afternoon-hope you all have a good weekend!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Molly, Molly!!"

My bed is calling me today-after a long weekend in Vermont (and I'm on the go from the get-go there) to staying up too late last night (trying to catch up on Shear Genius-what's up with the host's accent?? I like to watch just to imitate her@!) to getting up at the crack o'dawn the the pups so they can play lots before I leave....a huge run on sentence-trying to convey my feelings of fatigue and total lack of motivation today!! Anyone else there??

Been looking for NEW...Sue Hillis has a Whitman's box design that will be released in April-a couple of the gals here have stitched a tin already-and they are adorable!
The above are new designs from My Big Toe-we are also going to carry some of their little scissor fobs-
We had a good time on Friday night at stitching-missed lots of gals but this time of year can be tough...We had a small group-sat with Lise, Beth and Nikki-a couple of new faces too---a big "Thank you" to all attendees!! It's fun to get together with you all-I'm already looking forward to April!!
Have a good one-I'm going to have to keep my car window open to make it home!
Til tomorrow--Molly

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Spring!

Well, Happy Belated Spring to you all! I was up in Vermont with my mum and pop until yesterday...I came home to daffodils popping, forsythia peeking and puppies playing! Miley Coyote and Nemo are frolicking (!) in the yard, Sammy and Nemo are chasing Miley in a big circle-Nemo cheats by cutting through the middle and still can't get him (Nemo's got little leggies!)...it is wonderful to have them all getting along so well-Nemo likes to bark at the other two...he is having a blast, bless his little heart!
It's lovely to see more Springtime designs emerging-the two above should be out sometime in April-from Brittercup and Glendon Place...
It's hard to believe that we are still in March-the sunshine, warmer temperatures, and touches of green make it much easier to get up! It even makes this time change easier...
I will get pics of the pups up next...until then, remember to tell someone how much they mean to you! Take care- and you all mean the world to me!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Well, I'm sitting next to the open door and loving it-it is MARCH!! This is vundabar as Linda used to say!! Make sure you see Beth's newsletter for more "new" stuff that has been arriving here at the shop-the above should be in late next week-from All Through the Night, Beehive Needleworks, Country Cottage, Little House, Heart in Hand, IxStitch, Prairie Grove, Primitive Needleworks (love her things!), and Keepsake Stitches--
Have a good weekend-keep stitching and enjoy the sunshine if you can!!

Greetings and Happy Friday!! Yahoo we made it!! I have been getting up earlier to give my three pups time to play-especially that little Nemo-that coupled with the time change makes for a tuckered (you haven't' heard that word in a while, huh?!) me--but I can't and won't complain too loudly-I'm lucky to have three pups that are getting along! And the weather is GORGEOUS!

The above are designs from Ink Circles, Cherished Stitches, Heartstrings Primitives, and Little by Little,...I will try to post more new later today-Back to more mail order...Hope you all are having a great day-hope we see you tonight at Stitching!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What a little bubby he is! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

New From Just Nan and Country Cottage

Well, what a weekend we had here in PA-it POURED! And I was trying to train a five month old pup to boot! Yikes! Out every half hour...I felt soggy. But he's so worth it! His name is....NEMO!! Because he was found....Finding Nemo :) ...and he's just a little bit of a thing...he and Miley are starting to play but at this point they are still afraid of each other!! I will get another pic up tomorrow--
The above are new items due in soon from Just Nan and Country Cottage-the little birds come separately and are stitched on spring-colored Weeks Dye Works linen..there is a little pin for the tail feathers! I love the colors of Leave it Green-and the pins on Tea with Honey are actually a little tea set....not sold separately.
Hope all of you are well and dry! Hold on for another day and the sunshine will be our reward! Spring is almost here!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

New to my House!!! :)

Hi all! What news I have-there is a new little guy at my house-he's a cockapoo rescue-just 5 months old-tiny-about 6 pounds-just sweet as can be! He loves sitting in my lap-he loves his chow-he wants to be with the other dogs all of the time! Of course, my other two haven't quite figured out what this little rugrat is! Miss Sammy gives him a sniff and is thinking"Oh whatever! Another one!" and poor Mr Miley Coyote is scared..he, being a puppy mill rescue, hates ANY kind of change-they will come around-already they are starting to roam the yard together but OF COURSE we have to have a monsoon! Thanks Noah!! I haven't got a name yet-he's still "Puppy"...more on him later--
Now, on to the stitching-LOVE the Robin Hood design and the next ornament, both brought to you by Little House...
Received a really nice email from Caryn from Primitive Needleworks-she heard and then saw her new designs on the blog-LOVE them! Am going to get models done of several!!
Hope all is good with you all-can't wait to catch up on Project Runway this weekend-and just saw an add for Drop Dead Diva's return in June-have to tell Beth-she'll flip too-if you haven't seen it it is a fun show-I think Lifetime or Bravo...
Til Later--Molly :)