Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Banana Pudding

Well-after many request I am posting what i made last evening! I had all intentions of making the pudding according to the directions that Linda R gave me but as I have a touch of my grandmother in me, I just had to change it up a bit! So I started to gather ingredients and found I had to substitute a few things-but it worked out really well!!

2 cups milk

1 5 ounce box instant vanilla pudding

1 8 ounce of softened cream cheese

1 14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk (and Nikki I so wanted to just drink it!! )

1 12 ounce container thawed frozen whipped topping ( I used a can of whipped cream)

2 ripe bananas

I threw everything in the mixer and beat er up! I only used a 3 ounce box of pudding so next go round I will use a bigger one to make it firmer-just yummy!

Found another recipe I'm going to try this weekend-Enjoy!! :) Molly

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Mystery Club to be released soon!

Hi all-Can't believe we are quickly approaching April-this weekend is Beth's birthday and we'll be celebrating big here! Mary Anne came in this AM and saw my leftover soup in the fridge and asked me if it was the leftover Banana Pudding(the recipe from Linda R. at stitching)...well now I really must go home tonight and whip it up! I have to promise myself not NOT to eat the entire bowl...NOT to eat more than one teaspoon of the sweetened condensed milk! I was glad to hear Phyllis say she can do the same!! Most people make me feel as though I have hair on fire when I say I can eat spoon after spoon of it!!! Well, big news from Country Stitches/With Thy Needle-They are releasing a Birds of A Feather Mystery Sampler Club-there will be three patterns in the series-the first will be the border...the second and third ones will be the center of the designs-stitch count is 173 w x190 h stitched on 35ct WDW linen but can be stitched on their 30 or 40 count linen of the same color-not sure yet if we can adapt it to aida but we will let you know! The entire piece will use 18 skeins of Weeks Dye Works floss...on 35ct fabric the design will be 9 7/8 x 10 7/8--typically this would be a piece costing $22.00 ($20.50 on 30ct, $30.00 on 40ct) but if you sign up and prepay by April 16th we will extend a special Club price-- -Birds of a Feather Mystery Club 30ct WDW fabric, three charts and 18 skeins of WDW floss-$71.00 -Birds of a Feather Mystery Club 35ct WDW fabric, three charts and 18 skeins of WDW floss-$73.00 -Birds of a Feather Mystery Club 40ct WDW fabric, three charts and 18 skeins of WDW floss-$79.00 Call us, email us or fax us and we will get you on the list!! Looking forward to seeing this-you know I am numbero uno on the list!! First release is scheduled for May 10th with pattern two to be released on June 10th, pattern three July 10th. Hope all is good with you-not to worry-warmer weather is coming to us next week-hang in 'til then!! Molly

Monday, March 21, 2011

Friday Stitching

Good morning all-I wanted to say what a fun time I had on Friday night-what a great group of gals (but then again it always is a blast!)...thank you to Linda R for the recipes-it took all of my power not to make the banana pudding (I knew I would eat the whole dern thing!) but now that the week has started I can make it and bring it in to share!! We had a couple of new faces (Donna's not a new name though-it was nice to put a face to you, Donna!) and many old ones (not age wise!!)--we had all sorts of discussions and sharing and fun!
What a gorgeous weekend of nice weather we had too-My Nemo has become obsessed with some chipmunks that hang out in my yard-he really wants to get ahold of one-yikes! It certainly doesn't help that they squeek when they run! That is one of the tough parts of Springtime is the wildlife that become oh so interesting!
The above is Bunny & Co that is now in cross stitch-and will be available soon! I started one of the carrots from Harried Hare from Samsarrah-it is ADORABLE! I will get a picture up tomorrow!
I hope you all are doing wwll and had a good weekend-keep stitching!
:) Molly

Friday, March 11, 2011

Made it to Friday!

Well, here we are-we've made it to Friday-what a long week-My trip to NH was okay-Dad did not have his surgery-it was postponed until May as he went to the ER on Sat night with a UTI (urinary tract infection)-but it was a blessing as he is feeling better than he has in two years. So we'll do it again in May.
Terrible news about Japan-watching the footage has been so disturbing! It seems lately that water has done such damage...praying for all involved...
Lots of great new items from Nashville and beyond-we are still seeing new items arrive-so hard to decide what I want to get!! And now I have an opening in my rotation-Boris or Wild Roses or As The Crow Flies or Thirteen Colonies or Harried Hare or J'Arrive or Yellow Bird or....
The above are from Brooke's and from Rosewood Manor-the Wishes ornament (the basket)will be in soon-the Hope one (the Bunny) and the Quaker Compass from Rosewood Manor will be out in April!
Have a good weekend-lots of hugs and kisses to your critters-take good care of you!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Week

I dedicate today's blog to Lisa Roswell, the designer of Primitive Needle. She was tragically taken from us on Monday...she was on her way to work as an oncology nurse when her car was swept off the road. She was a very creative, very talented, extremely kind, funny sweet person! Her designs are some of my very favorites and as you may know I am currently stitching one. I shall miss her -I shall miss her contributions to our stitching world-I can't imagine the pain her family is enduring...I will think of her with every stitch on my ABC Hornbook.
I have added more items to the Nashville New on our website and will try to post more next week-I am heading up to NH to be with my parents while my dad has his second cataract surgery.
I wish you all a good weekend-I will be back hopefully on Thursday-Poor Beth is still trying to figure out my gobbledigoop way of doing things-I shall miss my workerbees-and my pups-but know they are all in good hands...
Take good care of yourselves and those you love!!