Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It really is Wacky Wednesday on Tuesday!

Hi all-four more previews of great designs to come-Little House (we are going to be sooo sad when this ornament series is finished :0 ), Primitive Needle, Primitive Needleworks by Caryn and a designed from artwork by L. Kotila....all very appealing to me-to you too??
A huge shoutout to three people-first to Page M...she often will visit us on Wednesdays but chose today to stop in...and a good thing too-we had a customer shopping that wasn't feeling great and thanks to Page, an ICU nurse, she didn't head out before a little TLC...Page is to health issues as Jessica Fletcher is to murder-wherever they go, it follows!! Thank you, Page for being here at the right time!! We love you lots!
To Sherri we say thanks for trying to get us a supply of Whitman tins-I will let you know if she is able-the book"Sweet Stitches" by Sue Hillis is adorable and there are plenty of people looking for the tins...
To Peggy Lee, we say thank you for your compliments on your blog (which is a great blog--http://kentucky sampler.blogspot.com) We hope your summer is good and your ABC Tapestry is stunning!
To all of you stitchers, thanks for stopping by here and for your continued support and great comments---
Enjoy this much deserved great weather coming our way!!
Molly xoxo

Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Raining, it's pouring...

Hiya all! I have a feeling, after listening to the radio, that it is going to take a very long time to get home tonight-so I think I will stay put for a bit and catch up with you all--It poured here today and has made it steamy...but we are in for a break so hold on...
What a weekend it was...ever had one of those where all you do is run from one activity to another? There was no time to stitch-or sleep for that matter...and my pups were full of vinegar-they kept me busy-the boys were so goofy-from pulling the toilet paper off the roll while I was in the shower to pulling all of the puppy towels down the stairs while I was on the treadmill-Nemo decided to dump his ball on the treadmill too-so bad! But so cute-and sweet! Oh well...not going to wish his puppy hood away-it is gone all too quickly!
Starting to see more new creations which are not in the store yet but will be-Shepherd's Bush has four new kits, Bent Creek has Circus Row, Plum Street's Olga, Samsarah has two new ones( I love the one of the cow jumping over the moon-wouldn't this be a great birth announcement? I stitched the puppy one of this series and every time I see it it reminds me of my Oliver:) ), Crescent Colors has three new Halloween inspired colors due in this week, and Country Stitches/With Thy Needle & Thread has Candy Corn-an adorable candy corn shaped piece...
Well, I think I will head home-hope you all had a good weekend and had more time to relax than I did-UGH! Nikki- hope you are having a blast in LV!!
Take care-and don't forget our special in July-all Christmas books, kits and graphs are on sale-get a jump start on your holiday gifts!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun day!

Well, it has been a fun day here-I worked on mail order today-thank you again to all that ordered during our Flyer's Sale-and thank you for your patience-we are still waiting on some items to arrive...Received a call from Amy-very sweet-and she told me about her pup, Pickles...thanks for your kind remarks, Amy!!
Then we had a visit from Nikki-she is a riot...have a great time in LV!! Hope your dad has a super B-day...
The above are new from Little by Little and by Norden-Kris' Stitches Vol III-proceeds benefit several Animal Protection organizations...this one is my favorite of the three out so far...
Hope you all are safe, cool and mostly happy! xoxo Molly

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Previews

More previews from Country Cottage, Blue Ribbon, and Alessandra Adelaide...check out the new pics of the puppies-I need to work on my indoor flash pics so as not to get the possessed look!! Thanks to all that came to stitching on Friday night-it was fun-I even bought some hand towels that are incredibly soft-and hand woven in KY....Mom loves them!!
More tomorrow! Molly


Hi all-Just wanted to say stay cool and think Autumn!! Hope you had a great Father's Day weekend-and hope this heatwave isn't getting to you-the new Lizzie Kate's are in-let us know if you wish for us to send you some or hold some for you-they are going fast--
The above is from Brenda Gervais and I can't wait to stitch this one--so cute as it is displayed on a broom--
More later--Molly

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hi all-It's Friday again and almost time for stitching-several can't make it due to games, graduations, weddings etc...lots going on this time of year-Usually it quiets down by now but the craziness continues...we are starting to see new things drift in from the market in Columbus-we are loving so many new things-the above are by Mirabilia, Rosewood Manor, Cherrywood Designs, Heartstring Samplery and Trail Creek farm. Bethie is working hard to get another newsletter out-she has been amazing-the office is all straightened up(even my area somehow looks neater) and now she is typing away...I started Quaker Sampler III by With My Needle-I'm stitching it over 1 on 28ct Sand Dune using mostly Black Coffee by Crescent with a bit of Weathered Barn by Gentle Arts in places..will get a pic of it up next week...will be working on it tonight!!
Well, I'm off to visit my dad this weekend-I so fortunate to have him and love getting a few days to spend with him-Having so many friends that have lost their dads I sincerely hope you are as lucky as me. Have a good weekend whatever you do and stay cool!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hey all-Thanks to all that sent in suggestions on fox graphs-I am still seeing those beautiful creatures each morning-and sometimes on the last puppy walk too...
How are you all doing? Surviving what seems to be the warmest summer we've had in a while?? I've been slacking on the weeding and working on my stitching-I'm going to start Quaker Sampling III over one on 28 Lakeside Linen Sand Dune with Crescent Black Coffee and Gentle Art Weathered Barn as an accent color-the graph doesn't call for one but I'm doing my own thin'!
Beth and I are awaiting new goodies from the Columbus show-and trying to crank up our creative juices for future events-
To all that participated in our Flyer's sale-thank you, thank you, thank you!! It was fun and we are still working on getting things in and out!
To all my Friday Stitching at the Ford-it's coming up!! Don't forget to let us know if you are/aren't coming--hopefully are!!
The above are some newbies form Plum Pudding and Monsterbubbles-due in within the next few weeks-let us know what you like!
As always, hoping all is good with you all-
PS The James Taylor/Carole King concert was FABULOUS-if you get a chance GO!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little House Previews

What a gorgeous morning! I hope wherever you are you are having the same glorious weather-it makes me happy!@! This morning the dogs and I were out in the back yard and saw not one, not two, but three foxes in the neighbors yard-don't worry, I keep close tabs on my dogs and the foxes are scared of us--two of the three took off-the last had found something to eat (thus bringing the other two forth!) and wasn't leaving--they are so beautiful-

Thus my next new project--The Fox and Hare by Carriage House...as I am looking items up for customers and ordering them I found this one and fell in love!! I am now on the hunt(ewwww) for more fox patterns! Let me know if you have a favorite!
The above remaining pics are previews of new designs from Little House-Frost Flakes, Liberty Belles and Singing the Blues--there is a market in Columbus in mid-June so you'll be seeing more new designs arriving-:)!!!!
Hope all is good with you all-I am off to the Phillies game tonight, to a graduation at St Joe's U tomorrow night and a concert Thursday night-not too crazy, huh??!!
More later--Molly

Friday, June 4, 2010


Hey again-make sure to see the newsletter section of our web-Beth has been working all day putting newbies up! The top pic is a preview of the next Little House ornament-
I'll be here tomorrow and then off to the Horse Show to do our last shift of the year--I hope you all have a good weekend-the weather is supposed to break on Saturday night so hold on til then--Molly

Hey all-so glad it's Friday-my pal, Beth and I are ready to lay down on the floor here at the shop-we worked Grand Prix at the Horse Show-we worked our butts off! I have never seen it quite that crowded before and we have done this shift for years-the 3 hours went by like 10 minutes-the line was four deep and what seemed like miles long-but we kept it light by joking and singing-can't you see what we'll be like in the nursing home??
These two new designs will be out in a few weeks-Cherrywood Designs-Love them! Especially the Witches Shoes--
There will be more to put up later-hope you all are good and staying cool-don't forget the Flyers Sale--see more info on our site--
Until later-I have to go stretch these aching muscles of mine!
Molly {:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brand new-coming from Lizzie Kate

Happy Tuesday-I hope you ALL had a great weekend-I did-working here on Saturday-the last day of the framing sale and we had plenty come in--then to my friend, Sheila's on Sunday for a bbq-then to the Devon Horseshow on Monday to volunteer in the burger booth-we (a group of about 9 or 10) have been volunteering for about 20+ years (I started when I was just a youngun'!!) in honor of all of the care Bryn Mawr Hospital has given loved ones--a way to give back...but what a greasy, stinky, delicious way to spend time! We are headed over again on Grand Prix night-it is always a ZOO then so the time goes quickly and we make it a blast-singing and laughing the night away!

We were thrilled to see these new designs from Lizzie Kate-they won't be here until around the 15th of June so you will have to hold on 'til then!! The Summer fob is a limited edition so if you want one let us know NOW! Thanks to our gal, Jacki, we are going to stitch the new Flip It Christmas Rules on the same banding she used for her Flip Its-- (seen on our website)...for those of you that are waiting on it, the banding is due in any day now----
Stay cool, make sure you check on older friends and family and our four leggy friends-the Africa heat has already started--are you happy Beth?? :) (she loves it hot!)