Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Well gang-thank you for your patience--It has been a crazy couple of weeks-so much going on-I know you know the drill! Beth and I have been working with our friends at the Devon Horse Show and go again tomorrow night for our last and busiest shift. I've been a mad woman trying to clean up my yard and finally got my tomatoes in...cleaned out under my massive yew and thought I saw poison ivy and derned if I wasn't right! Now I have a right arm full of it and am trying to forget about it until I can get some Zanfel or Rhuli spray (I think I lent my Zanfel to someone-UGH!)
Have also been waiting on news about the health of one of the kids I help with-I heard today, after much praying that he hopefully has a benign condition that he may outgrow...after knowing of what could have been the case this is awesome news--a huge relief---and I can't wait to see him tonight!
I'm also waiting on news of my niece Mary (pictured above in the center-four generations with my dad on the left, Mary center holding her daughter Molly and me to the right) who is due to have her second child any day!
Stitching news--I am currently working on LHN Louisa Snow, a lovely reproduction sampler that I am stitching on 40LL Sand Dune with Gentle Arts colors--I will get a photo up tomorrow....
I hope you all are well, staying cool, stitching up a storm!
Take care of yourselves and remember to hug your loved ones tightly!
Until tomorrow--