Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All Creatures Stitched and Small

Hi all-So sorry for the slowness in getting a new blog up-it's been busy ( and fun) at the shop with our Wacky Wednesdays-be sure to see the update for tomorrow-lots of goodies! I hope all has been good with you all-I went up to visit my folks over Father's Day-we were lucky enough to go through my dad's childhood home as well as his grandparent's (my great grandparent's!) home-his childhood home is up for sale in the Newton, MA area-chock full of memories-his father, my grandfather died after coming home from the war-this when my dad was 15 years old...I could see the tears in his eyes when he was remembering how his dad left for the hospital for brain surgery. And the anguish on his face as he recounted how he carried 50 pound buckets of "clinkers" up the bulkhead stairs to the street for pickup. But the joy returned when he told of how his dog, Jake, would , at bedtime, jump into a baby crib (no longer used for babies) at the top of the stairs...so many things I learned that I never would have known...a special Father's Day for both of us.

Well, enough about me....the above will be available soon-patterns that are hard to find or out of print by La D Da-one of our favorite designers!! Six great animal designs including, that's right, Amy, Sachi the Elephant!! Look for it here at the shop soon!!

Well, off to finish the day's activities-stay in touch and hope you like the special of the week tomorrow!

XOXO to you all!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Next installment in Mystery Sampler due in soon!

Hi all-Good morning to you all! My computer is acting much like I'm feeling today-a little sluggish-how about you all? We've had some beautiful weather but are now in for another heat wave and we haven't even gotten to June 21st...Beth is sitting near me grinning ear to ear-much like the pudding face kid-I hate that commercial-they freak me out! Well, back to our topic at hand, the Mystery Sampler Part II is going to be shipped out late this week to our distributor so we should be seeing it soon-Brenda out this sneak peek up on her blog-loving it!! My copy is still on my desk here-I need to get it home and start! My friend, Amy has started a stitching blog and so many stitchers have gotten started and I'm loving the pictures-her blog site is http://mysterystitchalong.blogspot.com/ Go check out all of the work!!
Stay cool and don't forget tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday-summer fun!!
xoxo Molly

Friday, June 3, 2011

Some Sneak Peaks!

Howdy all-Have been seeing some new designs cropping up-the top will be coming from country Cottage-perfect for the beach lovers!! (Includes me!) Coming from Little House is her first adaptation of a reproduction sampler-love, love the colors!

Volunteered at the Devon Horse Show last night for Grand Prix (busy, busy busy!) and heading there later this afternoon-the Burger Barn is a fun place to work-greasy though-the doggies love it when I arrive home (with treats, of course!)-I get tons of kisses and attention!!

Hope you all are good-have a wonderful weekend-enjoy the sun and the flowers and of course, your stitching! xoxo Molly