Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Three new Ink Circles and a Prairie Schooler kit

Hi all-Beth and I are running around trying to get ready for our trip later this week--the above are new Ink Circles (and the fourth one is a release currently in the shop-it was released in a magazine and is now available just as a chart)...also this year's limited edition kit from Prairie Schooler...
Stitching Friday night was great-we had the big doors open to let in the fresh cool air-we got updates on the Phillies game...we had banana pudding form Linda R.( I had three bowls!!) and cookies (seasonal sweets) from Evelyn!! Thanks gals! And thank you to all that came-it is always fun to see you all and to spend the evening with you! To those that couldn't make it, hopefully you can in October...
Well, off to the game tonight...thanks for visiting!

Friday, September 17, 2010

New--Lavendar and Lace and more...

Yahoo-we made it to Friday, once again...and yahoo x2...it's stitching tonight! I almost forgot my stitching this AM in the hubbub rush of leaving my house--that's what I need, to start yet another project!!!
So...a mishmash of new above--Yeah for a new Lavender and Lace...the next one is showing new pins (glass top) from Kelmscott along with a design from a kit from Wendy KC...then comes a limited edition kit from Shakespeare's Peddler...I LOVE THIS! It is just like Boggle-look for CAT, BOAT, FLOWER, BIRDS, BLOWN, BOWER, FLOWN...and it goes on!
Last but not least is the full pic of Pumpkin Cottage by Country Cottage...well, if you are not tempted by now, get out your thermometer and check for a temperature... or better yet just grab your wrist and check for a pulse!!
Take care and more soon!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New from Drawn Thread, Little House and Hodgepodge (new company)

A new company is Hodgepodge, one of Paulette Stewart's daughters (from Plum Street), is releasing the above terrific design!! We love Breanna already!! How sweet are they-and how they're finished...thanks, Amy, on the heads-up on this info!

The three above are new to be released from The Drawn Thread...Love these!! Note on the center design-"To Everything A Season"-the seasons change from house to house and within the border--

Last but certainly not least is Pumpkin Hollow from Little House...My favorite season has to be Autumn, cooler temperatures, lots of color, back to eating chili and cornbread, doggies can stay out and run longer, sweatshirts to cozy up in, the smell of pumpkins, fires in fireplaces, coffee at Wawa...
Hope you are good and enjoying your Autumn as well...more soon!

Monday, September 13, 2010

This is post number two!

Coming from Little House...
and Country Cottage....

and Primitives by Caryn....

and Cherrywood Designs-WOWEE!!

Just can't wait for you to see...

There has already been so many exciting previews of items being released at St Charles at the end of the month-the top three will be released from Plum Street-the top is a design with a poem written, appropriately, by Robert Frost! The second is Boris, a companion to Olga-oh my goodness-he is fantastic!! If you haven't seen Olga, you must!

This third is Sea Hag..it is eerie and fun! To see closer pics go to her blog http://www.plumstreetsamplers.typepad.com/...these are three "must-haves"!!
Next is a peak at a companion to This is Halloween by RTR/Shakespeare's Peddler...already you can see this is gonna be good!

If you haven't seen... we are now on Facebook!! Check us out--Beth and I are still new to this but Abby has been tutoring the old girls...not like we're behind the times or anything...
Hope all is good with you-thanks for stopping by-will have more for you each day I hope!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New preview from Blackbird

Hi all-hope your Labor Day was good-I can't believe we're heading to Autumn so quickly-sleeping with the windows open last night was wonderful-having cool, crisp sheets and a cozy blanket was so great...not waking up feeling like a slug-the best! Beth and I went to the Phillies game last night and left them in a good position at 10 to 0...then heard on the radio home that Florida had gained ground...thank goodness they held on and won.
The above will be the next in the Anniversaries of the Heart series...you need to read the story behind it on Blackbird's blog http://blackbird-designs.blogspot.com/ for September 2nd...It definitely will go in my pile and I'm dedicating it to my maternal grandmother, Marion, who died when my mom was 8...
Hope you are looking forward to seeing lots of new projects within the next few weeks...and hope you all are good...thanks for stopping by...talk again soon!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

A bunch of previews

A limited edtion kit that will only be available to those that go to St Charles by Primitive Needle...
A friend of Jenny Bean's-Annie Hyssop-Primitive Needle...

A companion to Libertyville and Christmasland-this will be all in one chartpack! From Raise the Roof...

A sneak of Jenny Bean's Friendship sampler !

The next in the ornament collection by Little House-this comes with directions to also make it as one house with "Bless This House"...

Lots more to come-keep your hands busy, your hearts open!
Thanks to all that have visited recently--Mary W., Jacki, June, Nikki, Barbara S, Elaine, Lorie, Peggy...we love you all!!

Pine Mountain pillows-Cute!

Hey all-Don't know if you can see these pics-I was trying to upload them one at a time but...it's Friday-that wouldn't happen, right??! Nonetheless, very cute pillows-not in yet but soon...
Hope you all have had a good week-I have been out straight-and when I stop I've been poopered! It has been busy here, and we are eternally grateful for that...we are so thrilled to see each and every one of you email, call or enter our doors....Beth and I are still working on the Friday the 13th orders..we are going to try to get most out today--I am way behind on frames and to anyone waiting, I apologize--I may try to take some home this weekend just to try to get somewhat caught up.
Yesterday I had eye and dentist appointments which were long overdo but successful-I go to a place in Newtown, Bucks County where I started going over 25 years ago-the two doctors are twin brothers-the office is filled with friendly, wonderful people-both doctors are so personable...but when I got home-done! I sat like a slug! My dogs loved it though!!
Well more later...hope you all are terrific--and that your weekend is the best!!