Monday, September 30, 2013

Greetings Stitchers, 
     It's Abby :-) It's been quite some time since I've done an email...and I must say, this is my first OFFICIAL Blog.  Some would say I've been blogging since birth! This past year has taken me on quite a journey.  Some of it has been amazing, some of it was amazingly difficult.  I'll give you a brief account! In August of 2012, my oldest son Jimmy, was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis.  As difficult as that diagnosis was, it was only the beginning.  Here's the REAL SHORT story...after 6 PAINFUL months, we transferred his care to CHOP (if you live in the Philadelphia area and your child has ANY issue...Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia is THE place to go).  He started to receive very proactive care and we are thrilled to say that he is back to being "Jimmy".  He still has some distance to cover, but he is healthy and happy and active.  
     As these things happen...the stress and worry over Jimmy definitely took a toll on our family, and especially myself.  I have had a walk in faith over these last 6 months.  It has been very eye opening and quite freeing, actually.   I wouldn't have told you that several months ago, but each day is a gift and I am enjoying the beauty that life has to offer...the good, the bad and the ugly.  No, every day isn't, every day isn't easy...but it's all in my ATTITUDE...and these days I like to have an Attitude of Gratitude!  And one of the things I am most grateful being back at the shop. YAYAYAY!  Yup, I'm back at the shop most every day from M-F. (Saturdays and Sundays you'll find me running with my boys).  I LOVE being back at the shop...seeing all of your beautiful faces, being inspired by the amazing creations you all share with us, laughing .... and sometimes crying, learning the new computer system, sending out LOTS and LOTS of Mail Order....and being blessed by what each day holds!  So, be warned...if you happen to get a package .... that might be missing this or that...or the tissue paper isn't folded as nicely as Beth and Molly do it....IT WAS ME!!  I'm hoping that there isn't much missing...but I don't hold out much hope for the tissue paper trick!!
     I look forward to "seeing" all of you....whether it's through the internet or at the shop.  You bless me...and I hope to share those blessings back...because it's all about love and service, baby!

On My Journey....
I've been looking a lot lately at the inspirational I thought I'd share a few with you.
This time I'm focusing on Lizzie Kate...I hope you enjoy them :-)


A quote from Mother Teresa
(BOY! is this one true...can I have an Amen!)

Chart Pack

I'm stitching this right now...I'm debating on giving it away or keeping it for myelf...we shall see!


I have always loved this sentiment!!  

Chart Pack

I wish we could have this in every school room around the country.....

Chart Pack

Back to Back....another one that every child should hear...but really, that every person should hear :-)

Chart Pack

This one is for my sister, Beth, who would wear sweatpants to class..and I NEVER UNDERSTOOD THAT!  (I also would like the less drama with girls...and less confusion with boys!!!)

And....WHAT, have I been stitching on?  I just finished a....BASEBALL picture.  Many of you have heard about my boys and their love for baseball.  This love was fostered by their Antie (Beth) and their Daddy (my guy).  I can't take any initial credit for it...but I love it as much as they do.  I have seen these boys grow in so many ways on and off the field.  We have made friendships to last a lifetime....and won and lost.  This summer, my younger son, Chris...hit 4 homerun in a tournament.  He was the youngest one on the team...and using a regular bat (for you baseball know it alls...not a big barrel bat, that all the boys like to use!!) He was SO, this is for Chris (aka Chutchie, C, ginger)

Chart Pack from Little House Needleworks

Look for this finished in ADORABLE fashion...SOON.

And here's my Homerun Slugger....pitching...

as the post season begins....let me just show where my heart is....

OK...I'm going to try and post this and see if it works!!
Then I will be an OFFICIAL BLOGGER!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Busy, busy, busy...

My boys have returned to school and that means I can get some days in over at the shop.  I had my first day back last Wednesday ~ I can't tell you how I have missed my girls over there! 
I walked back in to find that you all have been busy ordering the new goodies from market.  Beth and Molly have been busy reordering everything, as it has been flying out the doors as fast as it comes in.  To add to the craziness, everyone at the shop is getting acclimated to the new computers and updated software ~ I was a touch intimidated at first, but will say that the new system will make filling all of your orders so much easier! 
That being said, thank you all for your orders and for your patience as we work hard to get your orders out to you as soon as possible!
This is one of Jacki's finishes.  Isn't this adorable!?!
Here are a couple of cuties from the latest newsletter...

It is hard to imagine, as the heat and humidity have made a comeback in our area, but it is, gulp, only 15 weeks until Christmas!  Since these sleds made their debut at the spring market, they have been flying out the doors as soon as we get them in, so please let us know if you are going to need some!
In addition to being wonderful ornaments, they would make great teacher's gifts! 
Here is another one of Jacki's beauties!
One last thing to note, the dreaded deadline....November 23rd will be this year's deadline for getting your framing and finishing orders in to the shop if you want to get them in time for Christmas! 
So, check out all the newest holiday items on the latest newsletter and have fun stitching!