Monday, August 31, 2009

Coming from The Drawn Thread and Victoria Sampler

Good morning all!! The new just keep coming!! Above, a gorgeous new piece by Victoria Sampler that when you look closely evolves into more than just a Gingerbread House-the chimney's top is a pincushion, the roof has a felt for your pins and needles and a pocket for your scissors. Be sure to see the scissor fob and the biscornu looks like candy!! The tree at the top is from the JCS 2009 Ornament issue...all together a fabulous project!! Below is their Sugar and Lace bell pull with the Sugarplum ornament included!! Also below are two new designs from The Drawn Thread--The Carnelian Rose Biscornu and Cottage Garden Scissors Case...All very elegant!!
The morning was beautiful here in southeast PA-everyone seems more energized and happy (although Beth won't admit it-she is a summer girl through and through!)...I finished stitching my Black Cat last night and have now passed it to Mary Anne to sew up-watch for a picture soon!! Yeah-on to another project-no feeling like it!! More later--Molly

Blue Ribbon Releases and More News

Good afternoon!! Three new designs from Blue Ribbon are due Wednesday along with the AUGUST Stocking book from Blackbird (YEAH!!)...I have shown the front and backs of the "Smalls" that go with two of the graphs as well as the designs for the third done as little ornaments--too sweet! They all look fun to stitch! I have also included three new designs from a company new to us-Dragonfly Designs-they are vintage looking designs-love them!!
Beth sent out an awesome newsletter (see the "Newsletter" on our website if you don't subscribe)-she has been working on our website-she and Ruth Ellen have been working on ideas for our 30th (!) Anniversary!! Be sure to read it and check out all of the great pictures too!! The last pic on the blog is Waxing Moon's May (in their new series)...
Lovely weather here today-low, low humidity and temps in the 70's...Doggies slept great last night with just the window open-Mr Miley ate fuzz from his toy gecko last night and scared the bajeezes out of me-thought he might get blocked but Lise informs me that no, often the cure for pups eating "bad" items is cotton balls-phew!! He's still such a puppy!! Hope you all are good and enjoying this taste of autumn!! :) Molly

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Get Your Needles Ready!!

Oh my goodness-which one to start on first?? There are soooo many great designs new from Lizzie Kate that my decision isn't what to buy but where to start???? Of course, being the BIG fan of polar bears I do know which but then what?? Linda, you outdid yourself!! And Christmas presents will I have ready for friends and family!!
How's the day going? Are you just ready for autumn days? We joke with our UPS brown man, Andy, by asking him "Is it hot enough for you yet?" because we know he gets asked that hundreds of times a day-actually we've been asking him about the roads as that's what he gets asked in the winter-so we're changing it up for him...he says he would like to work here as we are always having a great time-how could you not being surrounded by great people and lots of fun projects--speaking of which I am still trying to get my contest together-I have a few more staff projects to photograph... And don't forget about our "stitch in" on Sept 18th...we have had several people already sign up and more checking--let us know if you are interested or if you need directions-it is $15.00 for the evening-that includes pizza-YUM!
Well off to find more "new"-tomorrow I'm home playing with my puppies (I will get some new photos of them too) and lots of stitching too (while they're napping :) ) ...Have a fabdabulous day!! Molly

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New from The Stitcherhood-Bethie found these...good job!!
A big Thank You to Jennifer at Ladybug Lane-I just finished up a frame for an adorable Halloween piece of hers...look for it in September or October!! She is a very talented, lovely, funny, warm person-I have so enjoyed our e-mails back and forth-be sure to see her designs at and her blog, Traveling Down Ladybug Lane at ...Love ya, Jen!!
We are awaiting lots of new items-make sure you check the website as Beth has been updating as fast as she can!! Have a great day--Molly

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lots of New!

Good afternoon! Lots of new goodies to arrive soon-the top four are coming from Cross-Eyed Cricket (aka Cricket Collection)...note the one Halloween house is a companion to a previously released one but this show the insides of the house!! Love all four new graphs! Primitive Betty has three new designs, Pickle Barrel has a collection of four Halloween quickies, and Annalee Waite has released a Halloween design -love the long horizontal picture! Bent Creek has a new Christmas stocking and Glory Bee has two new designs--Hope all is good with you all-the much awaited Blackbird Tis Halloween book should be here Wednesday-and Lizzie Kate new designs are soon to be here-I will get pics up tomorrow!! Molly