Thursday, November 1, 2012

In Between

My apologies for my extreme absence--and today as I am in between activities (painting, calling, organizing this mess on my desk) I have decided to step up and say hi to you all! And to say we here in southeastern PA are doing okay--we send our prayers and best wishes to all in NJ, NY, CT, WV and PA that are still dealing with the wrath of Sandy--the pictures and stories we have seen and heard make out hearts ache!
This will be coming from Heartstring Samplery-Shooter's Mill--we LOVE her designs and she has been releasing sooooo many great ones!! 

And then there are these two that are coming soon from The Primitive Hare--another new-to-us favorite designer....The Six Wives of Henry VIII (does anyone remember watching some PBS show about Henry VIII or am I losing it??) and Christmas Carol Sampler (yes, I am one of those that can almost recite that movie word for the George C Scott version)....
Have been stitching a little ditty for one of the new hornbooks from Priscilla's Pocket and the Nantucket Sampler from Little House....will post pictures asap--
Well, off to cleanup that mess pictured above--Take good care of yourselves !

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18th

Hi there-Way way too long since I've posted anything-Beth and I have been racing around corking holes-lots to do-and lots of folks here on being one of them (last week)! Spent a week at the Outer Banks-missed my pups terribly but had a pet sitter stay with them and they did awesome! We only had fair weather but it was a chance to get away.
New goodies arriving daily-love the new Shepherd's Bush items, this being my favorite!
Must run but wanted you all to know I haven't dropped off the side-am still stitching like crazy and working like a fool! Off to help a friend move-more asap! Take care of you and keep on stitching!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Well gang-thank you for your patience--It has been a crazy couple of weeks-so much going on-I know you know the drill! Beth and I have been working with our friends at the Devon Horse Show and go again tomorrow night for our last and busiest shift. I've been a mad woman trying to clean up my yard and finally got my tomatoes in...cleaned out under my massive yew and thought I saw poison ivy and derned if I wasn't right! Now I have a right arm full of it and am trying to forget about it until I can get some Zanfel or Rhuli spray (I think I lent my Zanfel to someone-UGH!)
Have also been waiting on news about the health of one of the kids I help with-I heard today, after much praying that he hopefully has a benign condition that he may outgrow...after knowing of what could have been the case this is awesome news--a huge relief---and I can't wait to see him tonight!
I'm also waiting on news of my niece Mary (pictured above in the center-four generations with my dad on the left, Mary center holding her daughter Molly and me to the right) who is due to have her second child any day!
Stitching news--I am currently working on LHN Louisa Snow, a lovely reproduction sampler that I am stitching on 40LL Sand Dune with Gentle Arts colors--I will get a photo up tomorrow....
I hope you all are well, staying cool, stitching up a storm!
Take care of yourselves and remember to hug your loved ones tightly!
Until tomorrow--

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hi all-Am trying to figure this whole Pinterest thing out--have been "invited" but now am not sure if I'm too tired but will try to sort through this tomorrow! If you have any info on it-suggestions I am open to anything that will help!@!
I finished Pineberry Lane's Bringing Home the Tree and picked this frame--should have ironed the piece and done better with lighting but you get an idea...I stitched it on Picture This Plus Heroic...great splotches of blue and red. I used overdyed fibers to give it an older look yet!
Well, off to see my pups--here is a picture of Sam and Miley on a puffy quilt that "Grammy" sent to Miss Sam on her birthday--we sure do love Grammy!!  Take care and happy stitching! Molly

Monday, April 16, 2012

A New Week

Hi all-Hope you all are enjoying this week so far--we are finding it too nutty with outdoor work and activities...and trying to squeeze in time for stitching! I was working on the back of my property pulling kudzu--unfortunately my sneakers had no tread so I almost did a "Tarzan" move and swung across the train tracks behind my property...too many screws loose in my head!

We continue to see lots of new designs popping up--lots of new goodies that Beth and I put up on our 4/13/12 page of newbies ( This Santa above will be coming from Mirabilia--gorgeous! And two new designs from Country Cottage-their June Cottage and Cherries and Berries...and my 3-D favorite Spring Heart Hop (the second in this series...the first, Where My Heart Is is also in my "to do" pile!)

Hope you all have a good week-enjoy the weather but here's hoping we get some much needed rain soon-I'm going to run out of Visine soon!

xoxo M

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New from Loose Feathers/Blackbird Designs

Hello all-I have returned from my long weekend (thank you, Beth for letting me go once again) up to NH...My dad's birthday (#84) was Sunday so a big to-do for him...a little too much for me...and now glad to home with my pups!
Beth warned me about the above--"You're going to love this Molly" and she is right...this is the first of this year's Loose Feather Collection by Blackbird Designs...and I can't wait!
We are having our PJ/March Madness sale this Fri/Sat...make sure to get your new goodies either online Friday night or Saturday morning or here at the shop Saturday...we will be having lots of fun prior to the big games!
Hope all is good with you all-and that you are enjoying your stitching...Until later...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flowers and birds and doggies oh my!

Well, it's Thursday and normally I'm off hanging with my pups but so behind at the shop that I came in early to try to get caught up--Earlier this week I FINALLY moved into this century and got a smartphone--turned in my dinosaur! Took a pic of Nemo this morning-sad as his Mollygirl was heading out again--Not to worry, buddy, I'll be home early to play in the yard!

I will be adding more new items "to come" tomorrow-was so happy to see the new Cricket Collection charts arrived yesterday--Am going to take the Flower Power chart, button, and 20WDW Guacomole to stitch up this little cutie...see the picture from Shepherds Bush above! The chart is free with the purchase of the button--(I was such a "Flower Power kid-had stickers all over my wall mirror !)

Above is one of the new Country Cottage charts that will be within the next few weeks-along with the May Cottage-it feels like May out there, doesn't it?? Enjoy-and don't forget to catch all of the beautiful colors of Spring these next few weeks!

M )

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Coming soon from Cricket Collection

Howdy all! Beth and I just found these and love-love-love these! You know which one is our very favorite--be sure to see these soon!

Hope all is good with you all-we've been busy trying to get all of the new goodies in from the Market--Beth and I were sooo disappointed that we couldn't go this year--hopefully there will be a show in Baltimore again--I haven't checked yet...

Been stitching lots of little birdies--finished the bird in Blackbird's Autumn book and now on to Old Crow from La D Da...if you're in check the new model wall for four models that I have stitched--will try to get a picture posted later this week!
Off to order more new things-I hope you've been enjoying what has been released! And on to decide our Wacky Wednesday theme!

Take care and be good to your loved ones! Molly

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Post Game

Hi all-Hope you all are doing well-we had a wonderful weekend at the shop...many thanks to all that attended-so many familiar and not-so-familiar faces...we soooo appreciate all of you that came, emailed, sent orders in...and to all that worked--Stella, Mary Anne, Phyllis, Nancy, Connie, Catherine, Lise, Ruthie, and Beth---thank you for all of your hard work, your smiles, your laughter--we had such a great time...I am so very fortunate to work with people I like AND love!

We are working furiously on cleaning up, ordering, processing orders and getting them out as quickly as the meantime, the above were seen as "coming soon" from Country Cottage, Raise the Roof, and Trilogy....look for lots more as the Nashville Market quickly approaches!
Keep stitching-keep enjoying our mild winter (for some and for now!) and thanks for stopping by! Have a good rest of your week-


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Howdy all-Here we are another Wacky Wednesday-we are almost halfway through January -according to my AM radio show 92% of people that make resolutions have already quit--I am in the 8%...are you? If you are with me in the 8% what motivation!! If you are not, get back on that horse and keep trying!!
I tried a Pilates exercise program on demand this am-it was terrific but long!-I made it halfway through before my legs were quaking...and then I tried some Yoga but got my ears completely licked! ) Those silly puppies!
Am so excited about future designs-the above is the first of the 2012 Little House Needlework designs--and I love it! I stitched both the angel and one of the snowmen from the 2010 for Christmas gifts for my godmother/aunt...and I really like LHN graphs and designs! So here's the first one due in within the next few weeks...
Well, hope all of you are doing well...and thank you for your kind words about my last year's challenge--I'm now considering another challenge as I realized how many projects I stitched !!
Take care!! Molly

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Idiots are we!

Well, Beth and I have had some kind of day-spent hours trying to figure out why our printer wouldn't work-and you know how the techies always ask (like you're some kind of idiot) "It is plugged in, right?" And you always think,"I'm not that stupid!" Well, we proved that theory wrong-the printer had come unplugged and neither of us realized--duh!

One of my goals this year is to get a blog entry up each week-this week, I am showing a sneak peek of a design you know I will do--look at those adorable foxes!! I haven't seen any of my foxes as of late--I do usually see them come Springtime--

Have almost gotten my Inn at Fox River Mill by LH-I have changed it slightly with an additional baby fox-will get a pic up tomorrow or Fri--

Got major grief about my stitching challenge of '11--I did finish 4 of the 10 projects with 3 more close to being finished-I personally think that is fantastic-and while I did add a couple in there (also finished) I consider it a success-so now I am inspired to finish those 3 and know that the last three were not going to completed in the year 2011-too big/ look for updates on those--

Hope all is good with you all-how are all of your projects progressing??

xoxo Molly