Friday, July 30, 2010

New from Pickle Barrel and Homespun Elegance

Good afternoon-lots of noise here-Nancy and Stella are back from their trips and are rearranging the store! We missed them so very much-it is nice when all is back in place!
New things are showing up everyday-Three new patterns from Homespun Elegance-Love the Washington design-my dad told me he is reading a fascinating book about, I go for the chick lit...I am currently reading a book by Madeleine Wickham called "The Gatecrashers"...very good...this author is actually Sophie Kinsella writing under another gets hard though deciding between stitching, reading, sudoku, and getting pummeled by three dogs....hmmm.
Have a super weekend-enjoy more gorgeous weather!

Look what's coming!! Just love these...How are you all doing? What a beautiful day we have been given!!
More later---Molly

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Look what I found!

I think that September is going to bring some fun! Jenny Bean is going to have some company!! This was on Little House's blog-I'll let you know when I see more!

Crazy Wednesday

Hi all-So sorry I haven't been blogging as frequently-I have been trying to get caught up after taking a day off-hope you all have been good-I have my camera chip here so I want to get more pics up but that may have to hold til Fri-Have a bunch of mailorders to work on today and so far haven't made it to that desk...I thank you all for all of your Christmas orders, for stopping in, for all of your kind words about the blog and newsletters...Beth does a fabulous job and is the greatest to work for and beside!!
The above is from Country Cottage-it will be in installments starting in August...Love the autumnal colors...
Went to the game last night-what a great one to see! But have we now lost Victorino?? Between he and Jimmy Rollins being out I am concerned...But perhaps it is enough to keep Jayson?? And then I got home to find The Princess Bride of my favorite movies...too late a night!!
Well, off to start the mailorder-take care and I will post more later today or Friday!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hi to all-Hope you all are feeling the relief of more tolerable weather-I took a couple of days off and cleaned up the yard-I know, what poor timing-but you have to do what you have to do!! And the yard was a mess...My friends all think I'm crazy but I was glad to get back to work today-says lots for the job and my gal pals here!!

Started trolling for more new-found these Erica Michaels that will be in soon-- Also new Halloween coming from Glendon Place...I may have put this picture up-forgive me if I did!

Really proud of the Phils this weekend-my picture at the top is of Jayson Werth-one of my favorites-and I am fearful that his time with the Phillies may be coming to an end...I know we need pitching-but folks, we had Cliff Lee...still can't let that one go-and we shouldn't have let him go!!
Well, off to home-more tomorrow-Hats off to Ab, Beth, and Catherine for your staunch support of your own boys in baseball!! :) Molly

Monday, July 19, 2010

A HUGE thank you to all that attended Friday night's Stitching at the Ford-I had an awesome time-there were three group "newbies"-Jenn, Kathy and June-they all seemed to have fun-we talked about food, dogs, divorce, marriage,'m terrified to go to her site-I will get hooked, I'm sure!) was one of the best--Thanks to Evelyn and Bonnie for bringing extras...thanks to Francine for bringing her scrapbook...thanks to all that helped set up and clean up---I look forward to our Friday nights--hope you do too!
More tomorrow!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Addendum:more newbies!

More newbies-La D Da, Willow Hill,, and CM designs!!

New Prairie Schoolers

Yahoo! The new Prairie Schoolers are here-and the 2010 Santa with skis-I had a feeling she was doing a ski thing-very sweet-also love, love the books-esp the two Christmas ones and October-Looking forward to stitching tonight-lots of people are coming so it will be fun...
All of the work people are FINALLY out of my has been months since the they started so it will be a long stretch until all is back in place...did you ever see the movie, The Money Pit?? It is absolutely one of my favorites...esp the scene with Tom Hanks after he has poured the water into the tub and then gets laughing hysterically... I am laughing now as I sit here thinking about it! But for anyone that has had any work done on an apartment/house or what-have-you it is a must see-
Well, off to do more mail order--take care, have a good weekend and if you are enduring the same weather, remember to put cool water down for your pups!! Thanks for visiting!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another storm

Hi all-Well, God is good to us-we have more rain which we need-now I am praying for some cooler temperatures and less humidity-we could stand a breather!
We got a surprise visit from Jary-remember her? She worked with us many years ago-she organized our retreats....she was in town to visit friends and to go to a conference in was terrific seeing her and she really looks the same!! We miss you Jary!!
Also in to visit was Kathy B...we get to see her off and on...she and her hubby Joe are in NC so she comes up and gets stitching framed and stocks up on supplies every so often...we miss you Kath!! And thank you soooo much for the toffee and the nut clusters!! Yumalicious!!
Been a crazy loon trying to fill Christmas in July orders--thank you for all of your orders!! Don't forget you have until the 31st to get your 20% off Christmas books, kits, and graphs...
Also, do remember that this Friday is Stitching at the Ford-I am looking forward to some time to sit and visit and stitch too!!
The above are coming soon from Blackbird Designs...the Happy Birthday design would also be great for a special friend celebrating a special birthday...or for a Home Established! This design belongs in the Anniversaries of the Heart series...the Rose Garden is in the Merit series...both are wonderful!
Hope all is good with you all----hope to see you Friday!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good morning, all! Hope you all had a good weekend-what weird weather-and again this morning we are having pouring rain-which we so need! It is however, making all of us sluggish and sleepy-we'll be hitting the Diet Coke big time today!
I watched some of the episodes of Top Chef last evening-just love the dynamics of this year's group! And there are some very interesting personalities this season too! I just love Kenny-he could cook for me anytime!
Up above are new from Little House, Heartstring Samplery, Glory Bee-none are here yet but look for them soon!
Well, I am still looking for my camera-I took new pics of the pups and pics of New Hampshire-maybe I will find it tonight?? Oh here's hoping! Take care and have yourself a good day!!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Once again, it's Friday and this weekend is the first I've had off in weeks! Big smushy smile!! My yard looks like Jack has thrown down some of his magic beans-huge weeds that have grown as high as the first floor windows-UGH! So if my energy is high tomorrow that is where I shall be!! Unless I cave to my stitching-I worked on my Prairie Schooler Christmas Eve-I am loving it-will try to get updated photos up next week...
A big thank you to Nikki for bringing us chocolates from Las Vegas(mostly for Lise, our framer-she helped her out with cool box for a gift for her dad) was fun to see her, as always! Also here today were Sue and Susan (with little Carly-adorable with her suitcase of pens, pencils and Princess case-she sat so quietly and worked so diligently on her drawings!)...
And Catherine was here with two of her boys-they are growing so quickly-and Reed, Mr Miley owes you another note-I think he'll be working on it this weekend!!
I can't believe that Stitching at the Ford is next week already-let us know if you are coming!!
Until Monday, have a good weekend-'til we meet again, thanks for stopping in!!
BTW The above are coming from Primitive Needle and Arachne's Silken them!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hi all-I hope this finds you doing okay-I was watching Sue Serio on Fox News this AM and it sounds (UGH) like we are in for another heat wave next week-what is up?? Are we near the end or what?? A friend of mine said this is similar to the Twilight Zone episode from long ago-do you all remember it? I guess the paintings on the walls start to melt!!
I found these two "newbies" on the blogs of By The Bay and Little House-I think By The Bay's Blossom's and Bee's should be out within the month of July...Little House is doing a series of samplers that aren't reproductions but have elements of them-the first is Sarah Street-which is also due out this month!! Both designs are on my wish list!
Pups are doing good-Little Nemo and Mr Miley are getting their running done first thing in the morning-with Sammy telling them to settle down-she's my little assistant-I have been watering my tomato plants each night-Nemo LOVES to drink from the watering can! An outdoor watering hole just for him!!
Take care and take the opportunity to get some stitching time in for you!!
PS Thank you for your emails, orders and comments--We appreciate all of you so very much!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New from JBW

Hi all-Hope you all are good and staying comfortable-God bless all that work outside-ugh! Our regular UPS guy, Andy, is off this week and I'm happy for him-although we have his substitute-he's okay, just a bit hurry up Andy and get back to us-but not before you put in for cooler temps!
Beth has been working on a newsletter and I have been working on frames and mail order-Lise got us lunch and our new fav snack, Cinnamon Crispies, from the "crack store"-Beth calls the Fresh Market this as the food is totally addictive--their rotisserie chicken salad, the Strawberry Spinach Salad, and Almond Puff Croissants are just a few of my favorites so far-Beth, Lise and I are thinking of getting part-time jobs there!! I would get fired for too much taste-testing, I promise you!!
The above are new and instock from JBW-Judy has wonderful designs and we love these!!
Interesting news today-Lindsay Lohan is upset because she received sentencing of 90 days in prison ??!!! Lebron will be on TV for an hour tonight to tell us about his decision??!! And they still haven't decided about Michael Vick ??!! Amazing!!
Take care and have fun with your stitching!! Molly

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello-how have you all been? I drove up to Portsmouth, NH for the weekend and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful! I drove home yesterday (read UGH!) and am back to work today (thank goodness-I am one of the very few fortunate people that LOVES her job!) we are now in July-OMG!! Where is the time going? Didn't my grandmother warn me about this.,..and about lipstick staining your lips...I didn't heed her warnings on either...Lovely Phyllis just had to remind us that Christmas is now less than six months away-thanks alot!! But in the stitching world we celebrate it early so as to get those pics and stockings ready..thus our Christmas in July sale...
The above I found from By the Bay and Raise the Roof-both should be out within the next few weeks...
Will troll for more the meantime, stay cool and remember your four-legged critters and older folk too-they need extra attention in this awful heat...