Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well Happy New Year and we made it! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! It certainly went quickly and here we are facing a new year...I am sooooo happy and relieved to be beyond the rush-to be headed toward a quieter day in New Year's Day-a day to fix up my calendar, make my resolutions, and take the day to stitch while in my pjs!! My favorite kind of day! I looked back at last year's resolutions-laugh more, stress less and think that will be my top resolution again this year...Stitch more is #2! Blog more is #3...

Blackbird Designs has released "Winter" which is the third in a three part booklet-love all of the projects in this new book.

Will be here tomorrow for the 30% off day-hope to see you sometime soon!! Have a safe and fun weekend-Take care of you!

Molly )

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas to all!

Hi all-Beth and I were talking-it was really just yesterday that we were getting ready for Christmas and for inventory-my grandmother was so right-she gave me two pieces of advice:

1. Don't wear lipstick-it stains your lips-once you start wearing it you'll have to continue--Didn't listen--Beth calls me a lipstick "ho"!

2. Enjoy each day-life goes faster and the older you get the faster it goes!

My goal at this point is always New Year's Day-I'm home-the shopping/the rush is over-I can enjoy a day off with NOTHING to do but sit with my pups and stitch!

I have posted two pictures of one of Blue Ribbon's future designs (and I'm a big Shaker fan) due out in February at Nashville-that will be here before you know it--right, Catherine G?? Cannot wait to see more Spring

I hope you all enjoy your holidays-I hope you get some time for you-and don't forget to check in next week for special fun at TSS!! Merry Merry!!

Molly )

Thursday, December 1, 2011

New from Blackbird and WTN/CTS

Hi all-I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving--didn't it just go too quickly? It truly is my favorite holiday-time with friends and family, great food and not so much pressure!

Lots of fun going on at the shop-if you stop by you'll hear joking and laughter-what a great place to work!! Thank you to all that have been in or that have been sending such nice emails and comments-you fuel our desire to find new items and ideas!!

The above are three "to come" items-Blackbird and With Thy Needle/Country Stitches-great projects ahead of us!!

Enjoy these next few weeks as much as possible-remember to take time for yourselves, your loved ones, your furry critters! I'm trying not to get caught up in the shopping frenzy--trying to reserve time to stitch and sit with my three hooligans! Thank you for your visit!!

xoxo Molly

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New from Little House

Happy Tuesday-This morning on Fox Philadelphia they so kindly pointed out that next Friday is Black Friday and I was thinking "They are so wrong!"...much to my surprise I am the one that is "so wrong" did that happen?? Friends of mine have started their shopping-one is nearly finished-I so haven't! And though I don't love shopping like I used to, I do enjoy Christmas shopping--and wouldn't want to be finished (I wouldn't mind being started though-perhaps this weekend!)
So we had a nice visit from Cat, Brett, Peggy Lee, and Eileen...then later from Nikki-so good to see you all! Last week we had a really sweet surprise-out gal pal, Ellen, brought us an anniversary surprise-a big platter of sandwiches, soup, chips, and a goodie bag--we had never heard of this Cafe--Crazy Bones---the food was awesome! I am going back for more-especially the Picasso-citrus lime chicken salad, diced pineapple, dried cranberries, sliced brie, lettuce, and topped with crushed pecans--I know it sounds fabulous and it was!!it is on Naanams Road in Wilmington-thank you so much Ellen!!
The above is new from Little House-not out yet-a preview--gorgeous!
Hope all is good with you all--stay happy-stay safe--and hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wow it's November!

Hello-greetings to you the day after Howloween! What a fun night last night was-I love to see all of the eager trick-or-treaters out and about--it was a quieter night last night-Lise said she too had fewer visitors-My usual groups from Eastern and Cabrini consisted of more gals this year and not as many of them either...well, they benefited as I was interested in not having too much leftover candy! And two years running-the People's Choice was Skittles (yuck might I say-I buy them as I won't eat them-if it ain't chocolate it ain't worth eating is my motto!)
Well, we've been working like hamsters here-you can always tell if I haven't posted on my blog it's because I'm wearing my roller skates! Big news:
1.We have a new gal working---Catherine G is helping us here at TSS-and she's been just awesome!!! Her blog is
2. Nancy is coming back from Montana soon-Yahoo! We have missed you sooo much!!
3. Belated congrats to Connie on the birth of her twin grandbabies!! They are adorable!
4. Congrats to Phyllis on her new granddoggie Honey-a rescue found by her daughter-Honey visited us last week and is so sweet!
5. Congrats to Mary Anne on the engagement of her son!
6. Happy B-day to Eileen!
7. Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad! I love you both so very much!
We are getting ready to celebrate our anniversary here at TSS very shortly-stay tuned for more details!
The above is another beautiful design to be released shortly by Tree of Life Samplings-It will go right to my "buy" pile as I love the saying and the design--let us know if you want us to hold a copy for you too!
Have a great day today-it is 11*1*11-only 10 days until 11*11*11!! xoxoxo Molly

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New from Sticks, Heart in Hand and Shepherds Bush

Hi all--well, after trying the "new editor" in the blog world, I have returned to the old-after two days of trying to figure out how the h__ to post pictures from my picture file I have decided that being an old fogy is just fine!

Four new kits are being released from Sticks as seen above--and Heart in Hand's yearly adorable Santa and a sweet Wee Snowman on a Hill...they should all be here within the next two weeks.

Also, the new Shepherds Bush stocking is gorgeous! I can't wait for that to arrive-and it calls for over dyed Pearl Coton by Weeks and Crescent--

I tried to watch the game last night but every time I walked into the room something would happen-so I had to work in another room and wait for screams from my little buddy William (9 years old) ...I am soooo relieved that we now only have to win one of two games. Beth and I missed our annual trip to St Louis-there is a fabulous restaurant/bar there called Bridge-very unique! Will be watching/listening to the game tonight-love Roy Oswalt and think that he is underrated by the Philly Phans-only hope my love for him exists tomorrow am!

Off to work on more frames-hope you all are good and enjoying these lovely autumnal days--and that you are getting some time for your stitching!

Talk to you later this week and GO PHILLIES!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Long time no Blog

Hi all-Once again I am apologizing for the HUGE gap of time without blogging-chalk it up to me being so busy here with the day-to-day without any more excuses I hope all is good with you all-I haven't been up to visit Mom and Dad in Vermont since Hurricane Irene hit-they did send me newspaper clippings that documented the horrors. They have been actively assisting the Veterinarian with people needing help with their pet's needs/medications. My niece, their granddaughter is doing a silent auction to benefit those that lost their homes. And she has a "walk in tent" filled with free clothing for those that lost everything. As a community they have pulled is a testament to the good we can do.

I am going to peruse the net today (given the time) -saw a snippet of the newest Shepherd's Bush stocking "Thomas" (see above picture) and can't wait to see it completed! I have seen several snippets of the "coming soon" designs from WTN/CTS and will post a link to their site- can't post any "WIPS" here as it is a copyright infringement-I do have to say I can't wait until the Winter Season , Merry Christmas to Ewe and November Words arrive 9see posts 9/13, 9/22, and 9/23 for pics).

Well, off to do my tasks-will be back this week with more (keep your fingers crossed!)

Be good to others-the world seems a bit chaotic now and kindness seems in short supply!

xoxo Molly

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baltimore Part 1

Hi all-Am working from home today after attending the Baltimore market yesterday-we got there just before the heavens let loose with rain yesterday and now, being so tired today, I'm using caffeine to keep me awake today as the rain is falling here today! We had a great day yesterday, we saw many wonderful new things as well as lots of great recently new things that we will be sending out to be stitched! It is always one of my goals to find new ways of finishing, framing, displaying....and that we found!

I have to say that after leaving I was saddened not to be heading to the spot Beth and I found in St Louis-they had the best beers and cheeses I have ever had-and of course, our candython back in the room as we worked to get things up online.

The best things I saw are plentiful-

Blackbird's designs and ideas-all! Morning Star, Hallow Eve, Casting a Spell and A Schoolgirl's Work-a fab, fab book!

Priscilla's Pocket new designs and frames-Sweet Liberty especially!

Blue Ribbon's Quilted Garden

Chessie and Me-all! pumpkin Row Pincushion, Breath of Autumn, and All Hallow's Eve in the Hornbook

Puffin scissor fobs

Needlemade Designs Spottie Dog hornbook

New Sampler Threads

JBW Autumn Pumpkin over 1 on 40 count fabric with Dinky Dyes fiber!

JBW Christmas Bells over 1

JBW's anything stitched over 1!!

Samsarah's new "carrots" (Indian Corn which I keep calling carrots!)

Samsarah's new Beet!

Stitching Pretty's new Quaker Christmas II

Rosewood Manor's Quaker Compass (not brand new but seeing it stitched-oh my it is a beauty!)

Amy Brueken's Puppy Love and We've Been Waiting For You

Summer Stitches Star

Carriage House's Farm at Hawk Run

We'll be getting lots up online within the next few days-keep checking back frequently for pictures of what we have, what we'll be getting, what to look forward to coming soon!

Hope you all are good and haven't had to get a ticket for Noah's big boat!

xoxo Molly

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Don't throw tomatoes!

Hi all-I sincerely apologize for not posting in what seems like forever! To tell you I have been corking holes is an understatement-Connie has been out-her daughter just gave birth to twin boys, Phyllis has been out with family health difficulties...thank goodness for Stella, Mary Anne, Nancy and Eileen...

Sooo Beth and I will be heading to Baltimore this Saturday to find lots of new goodies--we've already seen some sneak previews and I wanted to get a few up for you!

So up above are coming soon from Bent Creek, Blue Ribbon, Carriage House, and Country goal for the rest of the week is to get something up each day-let me know what you like...can't wait to see all of the new designs and can't wait to hear your reaction! Hope all is good with you all-my Nemo had a foot issue-don't know if it was a bee sting,a grass allergy or a snag of the nail(eww-ouch!)-the vet is perplexed as to what it was...but suffice it to say that after Prednisone and antibiotics Nemo is a happier pup...and his foot is back to normal. Poor bubby-I have a picture of him in his "helmet"-he looks like Beth's Morning Glory! I will get it posted this week!

Take care, keep stitching and again, I apologize for the huge gap! (no, not in my front teeth!)

xoxo Molly

Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome Home!

Howdy all-and thanks to all that sent good wishes to me-I spent the week down in the Outer Banks and had a great time-lots of beachtime, lots of good eats, lots of time with friends-but I missed my pups something fierce-they were at home being well taken care of but how they squealed when I got home! Mr Miley grabbed my hand and then my ponytail, Sammy danced, Nemo barked! It was a circus!!

I was missing my stitching-by nighttime I was too tired (and the lighting wasn't up for my 40 count fabric! Next year a light must be stashed in my bag!)-so I am all too eager to get home tonight for a stitchfest!

I have seen all of the new great items to come including the French designs and the new Sampler Company designs-be sure to check out the website and newsletter!

Above is a sneak preview of a new design by My Big Toe and a booklet by La D Da--can't wait!

To all of you, I hope is was a good week-if it wasn't (and for several I know it wasn't-Amy was really sick and Sharon lost her lovely pup, Finley-my deepest heartfelt sympathy, Sharon-your picture and message were so very dear) may this week bring hope and happiness!

xoxo Molly

Friday, July 8, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things! Sing it Julie!

Hi all-Well, here we are at yet another Friday-Beth and I have been finding lots of new, great things that are coming our way soon-above are a few of my favorites! From Country Cottages Sunflowers in Summer,to the sneak preview of Hawk Run Farm, to the Witch Hazel sneak preview, to the Needlewinder Hare, to the Daisy scissors, to the Cross Eye Cat from Notforgotten Farm! Check out the new Homespun Elegance ornaments on our front page-love all three!!

I am off next week for a little R&R-I will be posting on my blog next week so look for more new along the way--

Have a good week-take good care-get lots of stitching time for yourselves and take care of my buddy, Beth!!

xoxo Molly

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All Creatures Stitched and Small

Hi all-So sorry for the slowness in getting a new blog up-it's been busy ( and fun) at the shop with our Wacky Wednesdays-be sure to see the update for tomorrow-lots of goodies! I hope all has been good with you all-I went up to visit my folks over Father's Day-we were lucky enough to go through my dad's childhood home as well as his grandparent's (my great grandparent's!) home-his childhood home is up for sale in the Newton, MA area-chock full of memories-his father, my grandfather died after coming home from the war-this when my dad was 15 years old...I could see the tears in his eyes when he was remembering how his dad left for the hospital for brain surgery. And the anguish on his face as he recounted how he carried 50 pound buckets of "clinkers" up the bulkhead stairs to the street for pickup. But the joy returned when he told of how his dog, Jake, would , at bedtime, jump into a baby crib (no longer used for babies) at the top of the many things I learned that I never would have known...a special Father's Day for both of us.

Well, enough about me....the above will be available soon-patterns that are hard to find or out of print by La D Da-one of our favorite designers!! Six great animal designs including, that's right, Amy, Sachi the Elephant!! Look for it here at the shop soon!!

Well, off to finish the day's activities-stay in touch and hope you like the special of the week tomorrow!

XOXO to you all!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Next installment in Mystery Sampler due in soon!

Hi all-Good morning to you all! My computer is acting much like I'm feeling today-a little sluggish-how about you all? We've had some beautiful weather but are now in for another heat wave and we haven't even gotten to June 21st...Beth is sitting near me grinning ear to ear-much like the pudding face kid-I hate that commercial-they freak me out! Well, back to our topic at hand, the Mystery Sampler Part II is going to be shipped out late this week to our distributor so we should be seeing it soon-Brenda out this sneak peek up on her blog-loving it!! My copy is still on my desk here-I need to get it home and start! My friend, Amy has started a stitching blog and so many stitchers have gotten started and I'm loving the pictures-her blog site is Go check out all of the work!!
Stay cool and don't forget tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday-summer fun!!
xoxo Molly

Friday, June 3, 2011

Some Sneak Peaks!

Howdy all-Have been seeing some new designs cropping up-the top will be coming from country Cottage-perfect for the beach lovers!! (Includes me!) Coming from Little House is her first adaptation of a reproduction sampler-love, love the colors!

Volunteered at the Devon Horse Show last night for Grand Prix (busy, busy busy!) and heading there later this afternoon-the Burger Barn is a fun place to work-greasy though-the doggies love it when I arrive home (with treats, of course!)-I get tons of kisses and attention!!

Hope you all are good-have a wonderful weekend-enjoy the sun and the flowers and of course, your stitching! xoxo Molly

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pre-orders for special Halloween Collection Book

Hi all-Hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday-it went really, really fast! Beth and I worked (with lots of friends) at the Devon Horseshow as volunteers at the Hamburger booth-I ended up working with the new pizza guy-and it was BUSY!! Well, that's good for the Bryn Mawr Hospital but it made for some tired girls!!
Up above is a soft cover book with 50 new designs-due out mid-August for $ can pre-order yours now-just email us or call us! You know I already have my name in!!
Well, off to play with my pups!!
Take care and hope you are staying cool! xoxo M

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Coming soon from Samsarah

HI all-The next fruit in the Farmer's Market series will be coming soon-the pear! These are fun and quick to stitch-be sure to see our two-soon to be three-pieces stitched by Phyllis and Stella (out two lightening stitchers!) Also from Samsarah is Patti's Garden-full of heart shaped flowers...Have started a new category on our web-Last Chance--these will be items (kits, charts, fabrics, whatever!) that are no longer going to be carried here at the shop so they are going, going, gone!

My thoughts and prayers are going out to the folks in Missouri-the pictures and videos are disturbing/devastating. I'm not sure what's going on right now but doesn't it seem like there are too many disasters?? Is the world coming down??? Yikes.

Take care of yourselves-stay safe!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Coming soon from Country Stitches/With Thy Needle

Happy Monday all-I don't know about you all but I worked my tail off this weekend-the weather was soooo gorgeous on Saturday that yard work was a must-and so my veggie garden is planted, the yard is mowed and weedwacked and by yesterday (and still by today) I am sore, beaten up by the rototiller, and generally pooped...but by gosh when I'm eating (hopefully) fresh tomatoes I will be grateful. Unless the groundhog gets them first...
Just saw the news from Country Stitches/With Th Needle ( that as of June 20th a new series will be released-Autumn will be released the first day of Summer, Winter released the first day of Autumn and so on---the sneak peek is above-LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Sign me up now!!
Well, off to check the weather forecast-Beth and I ( and a group of friends) are supposed to go to the Phillies tonight but as my dear friend Sheila says, the skies look omnibus!!
Take care and hope all of you are happy and stitching up a storm!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday May 20, 2011

Howdy all-here we are at Friday again-what a fun week-even though we've had so much rain it's nothing compared to what others have had to endure. So I just put the raincoat on and enjoy what could be snow, ice or unbearable heat.
I've enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces this week-Laura M., Nikki S., Barbara S., Sally T., Agnes B., Yvonne S., Elizabeth, Charlotte...we've heard from lots of you...Beth's Weary Wednesday was terrific-I am going to print it and hang it to remind me to see the sunny side when times get tough...
Hoping tomorrow doesn't end at 6PM-totally don't believe it (okay, maybe 10% of my head says"Hey it could happen")-and not going to do anything foolish but I have way too much left to stitch!! Right??!!
The above will be the next in the Brooke's Books Publishing Bride's Tree Ornaments-a really sweet series if you haven't seen it!
Well, off to spend the evening with the pups-yesterday was Mr Miley Coyote's birthday-his Grammie sent him a new blanket and I think we'll cuddle up under it and watch a replay of last night's The Office! I'm already missing Michael Scott! Big, big tears!!
Have a great weekend and see you Monday!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New from Little House

The above will be coming soon from Little House-Colonial Welcome-love it!!
Am trying to take pictures of my stitching and obviously having full moon issues! Will keep trying-
Amy has her stitch along blog set up for the Mystery Sampler... Join along for lots of fun and suspense!!
More tomorrow!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

New From The Drawn Thread

Howdy all-I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day and week after...I am home and happy in my routine/ pups missed me while I was gone but only half as much as I did them!! My Dad's surgery went well and I enjoyed spending Mother's Day with my mom-we were in NH and while the weather was iffy there is nothing like being by the water...the sea breeze, the seagulls and the boat horns all make me happy-maybe it's because I'm a Pisces??

Cynthia from The Drawn Thread is releasing the above three-next in the calendar cover series-they do not necessarily have to be calendar covers either-they would be a great house-warming gift with the family name below! And could be framed or finished as a pillow/hanging! Check out Cynthia's blog too She has a new puppy and a new home!! Good luck, Cynthia!! Love little Oliver Twist!!

A very good friend of mine, Amy, may be starting a stitch-along with the new Mystery Club sampler-I will post the info as soon as I hear work from her-good luck, Amy!!

I am hoping there are more great new things this week-will keep you all posted-oh, and my Wild Lilies is looking fabulous!! Will bring my camera in tomorrow and put a picture up!! Take care!! Have a good Monday night!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Greetings! So sorry it has been so very long-I hope all of you are well and enjoying the gorgeous weather! Phyllis and I have been stitching our fingers off on the Blackbird Rewards of Merit designs-she of course is getting many more stitched than I-but she is trying the Spring Tulips on 40 count-we are doing ours on 40 Tundra-and we changed one of the colors-she and I like to change things up a bit-we did it on Wild Lilies and we both are very pleased with the results-will post pics...

Above are new and not available but will be soon-Little House's next ornament, Country Cottage's Button, Button and Bee Joyful....Long Dog's Paws and Claws ....Shepherd's Bush Mothers Hope....
Heading up to NH to spend Mother's Day with my Mom...Dad had his cataract surgery and is doing well but will be doing errands and helping out at the house while he recuperates...I wish you all a Happy Mother's Day-Ruthie just asked me after I wished someone on the phone a Happy M's Day, "What if they aren't a Mother" which I responded, "Everyone is...maybe a Dog Mother, a Cat Mom, a caretaker to a child or parent....or a Mother of a child...we are in some ways each a Mother."

So until we meet again, take care and keep stitching!! XOXO