Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday's News

Well, we're all back to work after a terrific holiday weekend-we hope you all had fun too-we're not too sad that we have drizzle today...we had sunshine (more than the forecasters thought!) almost all weekend. Beth and I worked a couple of shifts at the horse show (volunteer work to benefit the Bryn Mawr hospital)...now it's back to looking for new items. We realize that many designers are waiting for Columbus (mid-June) to release new items but we still are managing to find some fabulous new goodies.

Above I have pictured a few new designs-from the top to bottom-Language of Flowers, Over the Hills, Sailor's Wife, and Pigalle.

We also have the newest ( April ) miniature stockings from Blackbird...We have so many customers stitching these--can't wait to see what May brings!!
We will post more new designs as we get them--I will post some of the new designs by Imaginating tomorrow-they have been selling well...Until then, enjoy your stitching and your friends and family-and thanks for reading!! Keep in touch--Molly

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Terrific Tuesday


Hope you are enjoying this glorious day as much as we are-Makes all of those rainy days worth it??!
Big news--One of our very dear customers stopped in on Saturday to give us the great news that she and her husband are expecting their first child this November!! A huge congratulations, Danielle!! We know you'll be a great Mom!! We can't wait to have him/her come visit us-we have watched many of your children grow in front of our eyes (Carly and Stevie are two I have watched)...we are amazed at how quickly they grow!
Hoffman Distributing has some great new items-see the pictures for just a few goodies-be sure to check back to our website often.
The month of May seems to always be chock full o' activities-school concerts, recitals, weddings, graduations...Beth and I volunteer at the Devon Horse Show to add insult but actually we love it-we get greasy (we work in the hamburger/french fry booth!) but we work with a bunch of friends...if you're there stop by and say "hi"!! Needless to say, my hands get itchy to get home and stitch during this month-it eases the tension and allows my head to download...I'm sure you feel the same--
So I say to you-be sure to take time for yourself-pull out your stitching and enjoy this perfect day-
Until later this week--Molly

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday! We are inching our way to the weekend-Beth, Eileen and I will be working tomorrow-we would love to see you!! We have been getting inundated with framing--it is a great time to take advantage of our sale! If you need details check our webpage...it is once a year event so don't miss out!! Offer ends May 30th.

We just found out that "Thank You, Sarah Tobias" is again available-so if you didn't get a copy on the first go-round be sure to order one quickly-we are thinking this might be a limited run again.

Some new goodies that are in-stock or due to arrive here soon are pictured here-two new ones from Little House (yahoo!) -"Fresh Watermelon" and "Colonial Women"and Plum Street" Rubie Owl's Sampler". From With Thy Needle/Country Stitches come "Spooky Hollow", "Schoolgirl Lessons", "Flag Day", and "Sheltering Tree"...Lots of good designs heading our way-let us know if there is anything we can get for you!!

Until Monday, have a good weekend and if you have time, stop in and visit us on Saturday!!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A belated Happy Mother's Day to all of you!! What a great day to celebrate all of the women in your life...I was lucky enough to be able to visit my own Mother-it will be five years this July that she underwent surgery for reoccurring oral cancer-she actually had four surgeries to remove the cancer and reconstruct her mouth....she is from Vermont and I swear she is made of marble...I take every chance I can to thank her for all that she has done for me, every chance I can to spend time laughing with her, every chance I can thanking God for these extra years He has given us together....

Thank you to all of you that got back to me about the scissors...Beth and I are now deliberating about them...will let you know our decision...

As you have seen on our website, we are having a HUGE Framing sale-be sure to come in and take advantage of it-- 20% off the entire order (including the labor).

Finished stitching my heart-and Mary Ann put it together and it looks ADORABLE! each one I do is better than the previous-will be starting the bird this week--
Until tomorrow enjoy your day-open your window (if you don't have allergies!!) and listen to the songs of Spring!! Molly

Friday, May 8, 2009

I am looking for some feedback-We are thinking of carrying some different scissors as pictured here-would you buy them if they retailed for around $24.00 or have you already and you love or hate them...please let me know as I am sitting atop the fence right now!! Hope you're having a good day-we have the back door open enjoying a soft breeze-that is until the skys open up later as they are supposed to do--

:) Molly

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Spring!!

Ah-we're beginning to get too used to all of this rain-reports that a large firey ball (read the sun) may appear sometime in the next few days are making us nervous!! We're starting to think we're on an episode of "The Twilight Zone". If I hear Rod Serling's voice I may cry...

I have pictures today of Beth's stitching-she is amazing-two gorgeous projects finished (makes me feel totally incompetent with my little bunny and heart! Nahhh-that only lasted five seconds!)The casket is a design by The Drawn Thread ...the bellpull is also by The Drawn Thread-it is Tocatta Four ( in three parts) but she stitched it vertically instead of each part horizontally.

Phyllis stitched "Ah Spring" in DMC and WDW (three skeins for her dress!). It makes us happy to stitch pretty, spring designs...New to us is the Loose Feathers design, The Simple Things...pretty colors and makes us forget the humdrums we see out our window!!

Until Friday-enjoy your friends and family-they are our flowers in life...Molly

Monday, May 4, 2009


Another grey day here in SE PA-but Beth, Lise and I are pretending we're in sunny Bora Bora today-ordering up a few drinks at the swim-up bar and deciding whether we should hit the casinos tonight or catch a show...

In reality, I am ordering more fabric, Beth is stretching fabric for the inside of her Cici's casket (see photo tomorrow)...her new big project is The Sewing Chest of Nantucket Sister Sailor Sarah Elliot (I think she is compensating for something with all of these "chests"...hmmmmm)...she's into large projects...me, I'm into these With Thy Needle/Country Stitches (http://www.countrystitchesonline/) little creatures--there is a new Hoot Owl (supposedly the new "in" creature is the owl :) ) ...I can't wait!! I am almost finished with the heart and am set to stitch the bird (ABC Pinkeep)... Until tomorrow-enjoy your day-don't let anyone give you any wooden nickels!! :) Molly