Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Howdy all-Here we are another Wacky Wednesday-we are almost halfway through January -according to my AM radio show 92% of people that make resolutions have already quit--I am in the 8%...are you? If you are with me in the 8% what motivation!! If you are not, get back on that horse and keep trying!!
I tried a Pilates exercise program on demand this am-it was terrific but long!-I made it halfway through before my legs were quaking...and then I tried some Yoga but got my ears completely licked! ) Those silly puppies!
Am so excited about future designs-the above is the first of the 2012 Little House Needlework designs--and I love it! I stitched both the angel and one of the snowmen from the 2010 for Christmas gifts for my godmother/aunt...and I really like LHN graphs and designs! So here's the first one due in within the next few weeks...
Well, hope all of you are doing well...and thank you for your kind words about my last year's challenge--I'm now considering another challenge as I realized how many projects I stitched !!
Take care!! Molly

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Idiots are we!

Well, Beth and I have had some kind of day-spent hours trying to figure out why our printer wouldn't work-and you know how the techies always ask (like you're some kind of idiot) "It is plugged in, right?" And you always think,"I'm not that stupid!" Well, we proved that theory wrong-the printer had come unplugged and neither of us realized--duh!

One of my goals this year is to get a blog entry up each week-this week, I am showing a sneak peek of a design you know I will do--look at those adorable foxes!! I haven't seen any of my foxes as of late--I do usually see them come Springtime--

Have almost gotten my Inn at Fox River Mill by LH-I have changed it slightly with an additional baby fox-will get a pic up tomorrow or Fri--

Got major grief about my stitching challenge of '11--I did finish 4 of the 10 projects with 3 more close to being finished-I personally think that is fantastic-and while I did add a couple in there (also finished) I consider it a success-so now I am inspired to finish those 3 and know that the last three were not going to completed in the year 2011-too big/ look for updates on those--

Hope all is good with you all-how are all of your projects progressing??

xoxo Molly