Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wednesday July 1st Begins Christmas in July!!

Oh my gosh-is it that time already?? Yes, indeed! Time to get stitching on those stockings and presents for Christmas 2009!! We have new models on their way and new kits already here-I am planning to get the Christmas section moved but we'll see how close to the 15th before that happens@!!

But as we have done every July, ALL CHRISTMAS kits, graphs and books are on sale during the month of July-20% off!!!

So, don't forget to stock up on these and many more Christmas items-I will be highlighting more new Christmas items as we go along...just can't believe it's the last day of June!!

All of the pictures shown today are kits...

Love this snowman and reindeer...

This snowman could stay up longer than Christmas...

Check back on what's new, new Christmas and for heaven's sake when I get things moved!!
Have a really good day--Molly

Monday, June 22, 2009

Stitcher's Stash Reminder!!

The top two designs are sneak previews from Carriage House-Frederika is a companion to Frederick (did you see him stitched by Phyllis? Beautiful!) and the other one is Ravens and Pumpkins and Cats, Oh My!! Love the squiggly lives behind the pumpkin!! Love Halloween!!

The new Gentle Arts Sampler threads are in and are delicious! Left to right-Sunflower, Raspberry Frost, Autumn Leaves (my fav) and Chives...they will be great additions to your overdyed fibers-or if you're like me, you love to collect them just so you can pull them out and look at the pretty colors! Pathetic!!

This is La D Da's newest and has been popular already-a "do-able" quaker pattern-already in my pile!

Second design on this Bent Creek-the bee-I'm now wondering what could be next? What do you think?? Bueller? (From Ferris Bueller's Day Off...what can I say?)

Bent Creek's Uber Flag-Connie about fell over when she saw this-she is our red/white and blue gal...(although if she goes blue I'm ready with CPR).

I thought these two were so appropriate--LOVE them!!

Here are Little House's newest-Love One Another was designed in honor of the World Vision program-proceeds will benefit this program...www.worldvision.org.

Just a reminder-if you have stitcher's stash don't forget-It MUST be used by the 30th of June-so you have ONE week-be sure to use it up-it is just like cash--
More new soon-I'll keep adding more new pics as they come in-Have a great day!! Molly

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Columbus!!

Hello again-Above are more great items just released!! One of the designers is new to us-The Stitcherhood-lots of primitive designs...also above is a sneak peak at the newest Loose Feathers that is due in soon...there are designs by R&R, Notforgotten Farm, Shepherd's Bush, Blue Ribbon, Lizzie Kate, Cross N Patch...Stop in and see what has arrived or let us know what you're liking!! More on Monday-Have a great weekend-enjoy your stitching!!

Don't Forget Your Stash

Good morning, Stitchers! More new pictures from Columbus are above--we are expecting soooo many goodies in soon-let us know if there is anything we can send to you or hold for you (I can guarantee you that we all will be starting some new projects!!)
Do remember that the stash you received in May is only good during the month of June so get in and redeem it on some new projects or some DMC floss or a framing order-whatever suits your fancy-it is just like cash.
Connie, our mailorder guru, is sending out information to mailorder customers that have filled stitcher's cards-those are the yellow punch cards we ask you to present when you make a purchase-if you place and order you also have a card punched that keep for you. So be sure to redeem filled cards-it gives you 20% off your entire purchase (not including DMC and Dazor lights which are already discounted) and you are entered into a monthly gift certificate drawing.
So pull out your stash or your filled frequent stitcher's cards and treat yourself to something new and fun!!
Until Friday--Molly :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Items From Columbus Show Due In

Greetings fellow stitchers! We are busily hunting down and ordering new items from the Columbus show-we are anticipating lots of goodies-and like you, can't wait for something new to add to our "want-to-do" pile!! So far we have been impressed with Mirabilia's newest "Mediterranean Mermaid"-this piece can be hung vertically or horizontally.

Also new-three Blue Ribbon designs-we love their patterns are wonderful, their directions fabulous...make sure you see all of the fobs and accessories that accompany each picture.

We have seen the newest Shepherd's Bush Halloween Night-will be put in the model box immediately...also in their Scatter series "Scatter Kindness"...

I will try to blog each day so you can see. like us, what is coming!!

Hope you're having a good day-make sure to tell your friends and family how very much they mean to you!! Until tomorrow-


Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm back!! :)

Hi All! Boy, have I missed you all-The Duncans/Middletons kindly gave me time to assist my mom in taking care of my Dad after cataract surgery-he is doing fantastic and seeing much better! I am back and am seeing so many new wonderful things here at the shop-we are now in the midst of a facelift on the outer part of the shop...can't wait to see it all finished!
Ruth Ellen and I are exploring the layouts of our blog and will be adding more "gadgets"...all of this technology is exciting and gives us a chance to experiment...let us know how you like the look!!
This is the newest of Lizzie Kate's Double Flips...note that the letters spell Merry Christmas!! The first two should be in by the end of next week...let us know if we can put a set of the first two aside...
Also new, Bent Creek has a new series I love called Snappers Branch and the first in the series is and Owl-I am loving owls too!! Will look great with my stand up guy!!
Also due in soon are three new Shepherd's Bush kits ( Wave, Home, and Finch ) and two new books--Scatter Kindness and Halloween Night-we haven't seen previews yet but know they'll be adorable-we think the Halloween one might be similar to Celebrate...
More later...until then, sorry it was so long since my last entry-but so thankful I could be with my parents-they have given me so much it is the least I can do to help them. Love you M&D!!
Happy stitching!