Friday, January 21, 2011


Hi all-Okay I've have been accused of switching up my order of projects in my challenge and, in a world of many that don't take responsibility, I am here to say, yes, I am guilty. But to be fair I am being accused by someone that would not even try the challenge. Furthermore, I am staying within the confines of my list-I have not deviated to other projects. In fact, I have stayed the course of the three days per project. So I say to my buddy Beth, bring it!
The first two above are coming from Amy Brueken and the third a sneak preview from Lizzie Kate-a Spring Alphabet...
Hope you all are good-not too sick of this weird January weather-I kind of like it but don't want to let my sunny weather loving friend, Beth know-so don't tell her I said--
Take care and enjoy this fabulous stitching weather!!
PS Sad we won't have stitching tonight-but after a bad accident on black ice I will be just fine with Mr Miley on my lap tonight!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Update on my projects

Above-A Bird in Hand La D Da
The Perfect Tree- Chessie and Me

Sewing Bird Pinkeep-Country Stitches

Jenny Bean Friendship Sampler-Shakespeare's Peddler

Hi all-A few pics of my challenge pieces-I had to change the order a bit as my Jenny Friendship Sampler is on display at the shop ( a Jenny Bean and Friends display)...but I am working away!! Have a great weekend-stay warm!! Keep your critters warm too! xoxo

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hi all-Am having a blast with the stitching challenge-I started stitching La D Da's Bird in Hand and now on to Country Stitches Sewing Bird--Each project is so much fun and how I am looking forward to getting back to them-it's interesting that knowing I only have the three days on each makes me want to get a bit of time of them each night!
We are now waiting for another winter storm here-maybe a chance to get in some stitching !!
Hope all is good with all of you-Little House has previewed the first ornament of the year-let us know if you want to be on our list-I already love the first one! Plus I love the new sampler she has debuted(neither one is here yet but we are hoping soon!)! Also new is the Love-Filled Heart from Country Stitches!
Thanks for stopping by and catching up-let me know how your challenges are coming--I will get more pictures of mine up soon!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year-Project One

Well hello 2011! And so long to 2010!! I hope you all had good days over your holiday time-mine went very quickly-and back home I was! But how good it was to be back in my bed with my pups!! Their Grammy got them warm and fuzzy presents-one being a couch cover that we opened last night-never saw so much rolling around!!
I have completed days One, Two and Three on my first project-and I have posted a picture-I have also decided to include four projects I have started-so I will have to delete four and insert these four---

1. Sampler Roundy

2. Bird in Hand

3. Jenny Bean Friendship Sampler

4. Sewing Bird Pinkeep

5. Green Snowman

6. ABC Hornbook Primitive Needle
7. Frosty Flake
8. Perfect Tree Chessie and Me
9. With My Needle Quaker Sampling III over one
10. Cricket Collection 299 Picture Perfect adapted into a birth sampler for my great niece Molly Jane-her first birthday is in April!
I have included a picture of my progress on Project #1-it is over one and I have, of course, changed the colors-now I must move on to Project #2 but will look forward to getting back to #1 (the point really! This is already keeping me constantly interested!)
Thank you to all that sent comments along--and let me know how your challenges are going!
Molly xoxo