Friday, January 29, 2010

Last post for today...

Be sure to see the two other posts from today-the above are newbies from Hoffman-Heaven and Earth, Homespun Elegance, Samsarah, Sampler House, The Stitcherhood, Bent Creek, By the Bay and Not Forgotten Farm...more and more new will be coming out so hold onto your pants!!! Have a great weekend!! Molly

It's me again....

Good afternoon, all...I found some more peaks (Mirabilia's Partridge and Turtle Doves, Bent Creek's Uber Valentine, Brittercup's Floral Decor and Burst into Blooms) as well as charts that are here now or will be any day-Nora Corbett's/Mirabilia's Peony and Gardenia, Mirabilia/Nora Corbett's V, W, and X...All of the new Little House and Country Cottage charts are in now--they are adorable-see the main web page to see them--Rose Hill Plantation, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Mississippi Riverboat, He's a Flake, Liberty Lane, Little Bo Peep, Little Boy Blue...Beth and I agree that the Two Turtle Doves design would be a beautiful wedding/anniversary picture...More soon! Molly

More Sneak Peeks!

Good morning-I'm in early to get this post up before it gets crazy around here-lots of new sneak peeks out there-the above will be coming (not yet here) from Glendon Place (owls), Pine Mountain (two pillows), Bent Creek (ROWmance), and Primitive Needle (Wicked Alphabet and Her Wicked Best)...Hope all is good with you all-it is WICKED cold here (speaking of wicked!)-even my pups didn't want to stay out long-they hurried back in the house and rushed to their chair (read my chair) that I pile with blankets....Stay warm and get your stitching out!! More soon!! Molly

Monday, January 25, 2010

Recipe for Chai Tea

Well, I am mourning the fact that Minnesota is NOT going to the Stupidbowl-They didn't play their best game, too many mistakes...but as my dad said that game was the Superbowl...that was a great game to watch...
I have had several requests to post the recipe for the Chai Tea-here is the link These four pics are previews from Cherrywood Designs....Also heard that Primitive Needle will have four more designs (did I already tell you this?? Sorry if I did) Moon Sicke, Black'd Skie, Cape Cod Boys and Her Wicked Best ( a book with three different designs)...also there will be a new freebie...
Hope you are staying afloat today-I left my home this AM with water dripping (read more like draining) down the dining room window, onto the window sill (THIS IS INSIDE!!) and onto the floor (WOOD!) What a mess I will be going home to tonight! UGH! Guess I need new windows-anyone have an extra couple thousand??!
Molly :0

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Preview of the next Jenny Bean designs

Thanks to my good friend, Catherine, I am posting these pics of future Jenny Bean designs-as she and I are huge fans of these designs (Catherine has both the Halloween and the Christmas ones finished-I am still working on Halloween!)...these will be available after the Nashville market 9end of Feb) and poor Catherine can't wait!! Sounds like there will be more too-I believe the top one will be on Lakeside linen (navy bean) and will use Gentle Arts Sampler threads but not a limited edition pack...Hope you all are having a good weekend and sorry Catherine, you are going to have to hold on for a bit!! By the way she also sent a really good recipe for a chai tea recipe-if anyone is interested let me know and I will post it!

Friday, January 22, 2010

New from Lizzie Kate

Howdy and Happy Friday! Had a BUSY day yesterday getting errand s done and now lots to cross off my list! Yahoo! Got Mr Miley and Sammy-girl two new toys-little sherpa bones-Miley played with his all day yesterday and slept with both of them close...this morning Sammy was tired of hearing the squeaker so she quickly put a hole in it-I'll have to do some surgery!
Lizzie Kate will be sending these to us soon-I love the Cat Lessons-I hope she does a doggy one next!! I put the first three green pictures up-I wanted to show them stitched solo so you could see them done both ways.
I see that Hoffman has He's a Flake in-we have had SOOO many requests for it-I promise I'll order tons and they should be in on Wednesday...Have a good day--Molly

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good morning to all! I hope you all are well...Barbara stopped by Saturday and yesterday and told us how much fun she had Friday night at stitching-in fact her husband told her it was the happiest she had looked in a long time(she had a bad accident that almost took her life! We are soooo grateful to have her with us still!)...Joanne stopped in yesterday and told me she had been praying for my dad-and that she, being in the health care industry, has seen lots of Pericarditis...she gave me lots of hope...Then I heard from Catherine-I can't believe that her team is Green Bay too (and now Minnesota!!)...I knew she was a keeper!! Mary emailed me to say that she found her missing box of needles and like me had found them under a counter. You all are so wonderful-you keep me charged and looking forward to each new day! Thank you for your emails, thoughts, prayers, and friendship!! I love you all!! Have a wonderful, sunny Wednesday! Molly
PS The above stitching designs are brought to you by: Country Cottage (Little Boy Blue and Little Bo Peep), Just Nan (Winter Hearts Humbug and Snowflake Pin and Owl Pin), and Samsarrah/Just Another Button Company (Month of Teaspoons-January will be available soon!)

Monday, January 18, 2010


Hello and happy Monday-I keep wanting to go check the mail!! UGH! I never am that interested in going out to the mail...but today...
Beth and I are ordering goods today and I found a few more new goodies-they should be rolling in within the next few weeks-Hinzeit, Pine Mountain, and Shakespeare's Peddler-the name at the bottom of the sampler is actually Shakespeare's daughter according to Theresa...I love this one-was working on my Jenny Bean Halloween this weekend (read Sunday-was here working Saturday!!) while watching (read listening ) to the football games---GO MINNESOTA!! Everyone here knows I am a huge Green Bay fan...ever since I was a little girl...but I also had to include Minnesota as Brett now plays there...was happy to see him win!!
Well, back to work now-hope you all are good...will get more up tomorrow!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New from Little House and Country Cottage

Just a quick note to say what a FABULOUS time we had last night at stitching-and how much we are looking forward to next time--which we are changing to the Saturday-February 20th from 10AM-3PM...more details later---We had great snacks, laughs, stitching and memories---Thank you sooo much for coming one and all!!

Make sure you see the new puppies on Little House's blog.. coming soon is a thread pak series from Country Cottage called Summer Seascape...Also coming in late February will be Autumn at Hawk Run !! After He's a Flake (which is in huge demand here-we are expecting it in next week!) will be Snowy Pine (ornament #4)-I don't have a picture yet but will put one up asap!!!
Off to a birthday party for my dear Mary Claire (#10!)...Talk to you soon-have a good rest of your weekend and again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL FOR THE FUN LAST NIGHT!!!