Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hello Stitchers,
     If you're anywhere near us or above the Mason Dixon line, or God forbid live somewhere near Notre Dame like my sweet friend, Alayna (where it SNOWED yesterday), I hope that you're reading this with a warm cup of cocoa or Beth's favorite, chai tea.  Yes, it is getting cold!  And, we have a baseball tournament this weekend...YIKES!  I already have blankets packed in my car.  Unlike summer, when many of us are out in our yards or gardens (or pools or baseball fields), the cold weather is great stitching weather.  There's nothing better. 
   We've had some great visits this week at the shop.  Melba Cherico was in and she said 2 things that really stuck with me.  She, like me, is back to stitching in recent years after some busy times in her life..  She said of stitching, "When I'm stitching, all is right with the world".  And my favorite, in reference to stitching, "I'm back home".  THAT is SO TRUE.  The rhythm of stitching, the projects we're working on, the projects we intend to work on, pieces that hold such memory for's like being home.  I loved that Melba!  A group of stitching friends came in, who had not visited our store before, and one dear lady said, "oh, this is like heaven".  I'm not sure if Saint Peter would agree with THAT...but I sure thought that was cool! And today, Barbara stopped in for a visit and brought us lunch!! It was so nice to sit and chat and have a nice hot lunch.  THANKS BARBARA!!!!  We love seeing all of our stitching friends - getting a chance to catch up on life and projects - thank you so much to all of you who include us in your journey.  And it's not only the people we see in the's emails, it's fb, it's instagram...what a blessing to be able to connect. 
     My mind has been turning to Christmas lately.  I don't want to push through the Autumnal season, but as a do have to think ahead a bit.  I have had so much fun stitching the Little House ornaments for gifts.  They are really quick to stitch, and you can frame them or hang them...either one is great.  I stitched my last one on 25ct lugana over one, and it was a lot of fun.  I love the look of things stitched over one...but it's harder and harder on my eyes.  25ct is a great option.  If you've wanted to try an "over one" project...there are great little projects to work on.

Remember from my last blog...a little bit of green that was stitched?  This is it! 
Little House's, Joy and Peace...stitched over one on 25ct lugana....give it a try!
Another friend was in this week, Pat Perry - who I've talked about in my blog before - and she treated us to a peak at the Halloween ornaments she's stitched and finished.  THEY ARE ADORABLE!!!  We love to see Pat stitching again..and Pat and I are on the same we're both sticking to small, "finishable" projects these days. She also taught me how to train my eye see ornaments or projects in many different designs.  I have "seen" so much since she taught me that!  Now, one of the things we LOVE SO MUCH about Pat's goodies (and her mom had the same talent) is the way she finishes things. THEY ARE ADORABLE.  We have asked Pat if she would teach a class on creative finishing and she said she would.  We're so excited!  This is at the Halloween ornaments she stitched and finished.... Enjoy!

I know you love them!!!  I love the whole group..but I wanted to show you the creativity that Pat uses.  Instead of leaving the back "blank"...she stitches something clever on the back, with the year and her initials :-)  THEN, LOOK at the fun way she's finished these! Love the beads and cord. 
     Remember the To Do List that I was stitching on and's all framed. 
 This has really struck a note in so many people...I'm so glad.  I just absolutely love it, and felt like it "spoke" to me with each stitch I put in.  Here's another idea from Melba....she's stitching this one as a companion piece to the To Do List..and I loved the idea.  It's now in my "to do pile" ;)

a quick blog today....I don't know where the time goes?!?!  Be sure to check out the new goodies online at

Happy Stitching...and

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dear Stitchers :-)
      Another beautiful day.  No, the sun isn't shining and it's a bit muggy for October...but it's all in your perspective, isn't it?  I have to say...being back at the shop with these wonderful girls and our great customers gives me a great perspective!  I feel really blessed to work in a place where laughter IS the best medicine. Well....along with stitching!  We are corny and cracked, to say the least...but we're ok with that.  I would bet that my sister Beth would say....we're beyond cracked and that it has gotten to a new level since my return!!!  My mom, Ruth Ellen, has been on a hiatus at the shore, but she popped back up for a few days to do some things at the shop (and for her dog to see my dog!) So, this is a look at us yesterday......

And for those of you who have wondered what Beth looks like..there she is in the center.  Each day she has to put up with the wacko on the left!  There's a spot in heaven for her ;) Yup...just another day at work..up to no good (I know those firms on Wall Street don't get to work like this.....that's why they are all STRESSED OUT).

I am happy to say, my needle has been flying recently!  It's so great!!  I have finished a few things (nothing too big, I don't do big these days!)  I am having so much fun.  Last Saturday, I had some errands to run..and I popped into the shop to "find a new project".  I had such a nice time being a customer!!!  I looked through racks, looked through the fabrics, decided on which fibers to use...talked to the girls.  It was awesome! I rather liked being a customer ;)  It's funny, I really hadn't stitched for awhile..and it's like being back with an old friend.  I am definitely in the "one more stitch" mode, and have to have a project on the ready before I finish my current project!  And, SHOCK of all SHOCKS..I am even thinking about some little trinkets as Christmas gifts!  And it's EARLY for me!!!  I have to say...I haven't felt such a kindred for a project, nor have I seen a piece capture as much affection as a piece I just finished.....

Lizzie Kate's To Do List
It definitely struck a chord in many people.  My non stitching friends wanted a picture that they could use as their screen saver on their phones! I think it speaks to what a lot of us want and slow down a bit and focus on some of the important things in life! 
(you'll notice with most stitching pictures a link.  You can click the link and go to the page in our online catalog to see it and order it if you'd like :-)
I also finished stitching this cute little free design that is the freebie that is being sent out in our mail order packages right's a cutie.....
Reindeer Kiss!
He was so fun to stitch...
(look for it at the shop, it's free with a purchase...or look for it in your mail order packages :-)
Little House Needleworks is a favorite of ours around the shop (and from the looks of what I send out it's the favorite of many of yours!).  As I have been pondering Christmas goodies...Little House has many designs that are quick stitches that are great for stitching for quick projects..for giving or for keeping or for decorating!  This is what I am stitching on now......
Doesn't it look lovely??? bahahaha!  It doesn't look like much, but when you're stitching over one..IT SURE IS!!  There was a time when I stitched a LOT over one, I haven't in recent years...but I decided to give it a try.  In fact...looking at things for Throwback Thursday (If you haven't checked that fun little diddy, it's on our facebook page.  We've been updating that NEVER know what you'll find there! You can find us at ) Before I go on...I have to show y'all this one....
Who remembers THESE?  YES, I stitched them OVER ONE...and that's A LOT of stitching.  It was back in eyes were MUCH stronger! 
As usual....I digress.  I was talking about Little House Needleworks.  She has 2 new designs coming out..and they are as adorable as ever!
Home is Where the Sunflower Grows
Little Sheep Virtues, Kindess, #11
If you haven't seen this series, it is ADORABLE. One Virtue for each month... Here are a few from that series.  (if you are interested you can purchase the entire 12, if you pay for all 12 at once, our gift to you, is that you only have to pay for 10...2 for free!)
Little Sheep Virtues, #2 .. Love (Feb)
Little Sheep Virtues, #1 .. Hope (Jan)
There are many more!  I just had time for a few.  I just think these are great, quick little projects!
Some other favorite quickies from Little House....
Peace on Earth

Hometown Holiday - My House
(Hometown Holiday is another darling series!)
Joy and Peace
We hope you enjoyed these as much as I am! 
If you're interested in getting started on some of them....Friday thru Sunday would be a good time to get your projects ready, because.....
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Full Moon Fever, Baby.
Huge Hugs,
(Just Breathe)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Dear Stitchers, 
     I'm BAAAACK :-)  I have to say, I'm liking this blogging thing.  Modern technology is something else, huh?  I was blessed by so many people reaching out to me, asking me about Jimmy and asking me about me!  Thank you so much.  I have to thing brought tears to my eyes, and that was a visit from Pat Perry.  You see Pat and her mother Rhody have been fixtures in the shop since Day 1.  .  They have been on MANY of our early trips to Pawleys Island....and they were at every Stitcher's Retreat at the shop.  In fact, shortly after my son Jimmy was born, we had a Retreat, and there is a photo of Rhody holding my sweet baby boy.  They are beautiful, beautiful stitchers...and more importantly, beautiful people.  Several years ago, Rhody passed away, and though no death is ever an easy thing to was very hard to let go of this wonderful lady, as her daughter Pat will attest to.  Pat and Rhody knew me from the time I was "knee high to a grasshopper" to seeing me become a mother.  So, on Tuesday, when Pat popped in the shop and swallowed me in a big bear hug with a big smile...that was really special.  Somebody taking the time out to come say Hi, I'm glad things are going well, that was a blessing to me.  It hasn't always been easy for Pat to come back into the shop...where she and her mom had shared so much.  You'll never know, Pat...just how much that meant to me :-)  THANK YOU!  I know your mom was with us...and she was smiling.  
     That made me think about friendships.  There's nothing like them.  I was singing that song..."make new friends, but keep the is silver and the other's gold".  I can remember wondering WHAT DID THAT MEAN!?!?!  Fortunately, I've had time to figure that one out!  We share so many things here at the shop...the joy of counting and stitching is certainly one...but so are the bonds of friendship that we form.  It is a special thing to be able to share our burdens ...... share our joys...with one another.  It is truly a blessing.  I have a handful of "new" friends who I treasure...and I have a handful of "old" friends that I treasure.  Those friendships have gotten me through many a "gray" day...and rejoiced with me through many a happy day.  One of the things that I think is so amazing...sometimes you don't have to say ANYTHING..just a smile, a hug, a look..that's the gift of friendship.  

Here's to FRIENDSHIP <3 b="">
(I've included the "page" you'll find these models in our online catalog.  Just click on it and it will take you to the page)

Hope of the Heart

Life is Woven

Desert Rosi

Best Friends

Friends and Family

Friendship Endures

Priceless Friend

Tea Crazy

Devoted Friend

Old Friends

Friends & Coffee

Friends Sampler

Shell Sampler

So...Be a Friend..or Be Friendly...Little gestures go a looooong way :-)