Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday-A Calmer Me

Hi all-Above is just a teaser of lots more to come-Little House, Blackbird, Erica Michaels to name just a few of the designer's goodies that haven't even made it to our Nashville pages yet...hopefully I can get more up tomorrow-toady is mail order and orders in to designers and distributors. I am on a slower, lower key today-Tuesday I was so focused on getting the newsletter out ...Last night I stayed up and watched American Idol (I will be up again tonight-dern!) A few of my favorites are already gone-dern dern!
I have heard more from Beth-they are good but saddened to see a country in devastation-will be wearing my red and black tomorrow-and looking forward to seeing their faces Monday. I realize what a well-oiled machine we are and missing a huge chunk of the machine has been a challenge-thanks to all of you that have been so kind and supportive...
Well, heading off to order more goodies-My Sammy girl is to the vet today for a biopsy-I'm hoping for the best!!
Take care of yourselves! Molly

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday that seems like Thursday!

Well, it's late and I need to head home but I wanted to get some newbies up-so many fabulous new things coming and more yet to be released! I want to get a newsletter out by Friday--is it do-able?? The bucket of mailorder is overflowing and the stack of items needing to be skued has reached new heights-what have I been doing?? Well, today was Lise's birthday-so Fresh Market cake was an early morning purchase-yummy! Lise and I were wondering if we have made it through all of their cakes yet-I had such a difficult decision-cupcakes or cake?? Well , the Sinful White Chocolate won (everyone at FM raves about it) and it was yumalicious!
Well above new-Mirabilia Red Lady Pirate, Country Stitches Easter Frills and Proverbs, Little House ornament #2 Bringing Home the Tree, Shakespeare's Peddler Jenny Bean Creation and A Sampling By Anne--there are lots more-hopefully you will see a newsletter soon with tons of pictures-here's hoping!
Let us know if you are a go for stitching-at this point we have 8 committed-if we don't have ten we will have to cancel ( the cost of the room prohibits less than 10)
Okay, off to see my puppies-more later! Have a good night--Survivor vs Idol.....hmmmmm!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thank you part two!

I know, I know-so many of you have been waiting for Spring-not only the real season but also the Cricket Collection graph-well, it is due out mid-February so hold on-and I know around these parts we will see and feel a touch of Spring next week-Fox news said by Thursday we will be close to 60 degrees-and Miss Beth will miss it! That will be a tad warm for me-but it will get rid of all of the nasty ice in my back yard-if it weren't for YakTraks I would be sending those pups down into the yard alone-and can't do that with Mr Fox around!!
So again, I want to thank all of you that sent in orders, that have sent kind remarks, comments, support and love-I am running around here trying to figure out how the heck to get this all completed yesterday!! But with the wonderful help from Mary Ann, Phyllis, Nancy, Eileen, Connie, Stella and Lise I am treading...I do apologize if I haven't gotten to all of the emails-I am slowly making my way through-so if you sent one and haven't heard back, hang in there!
Along with Spring, look for La Mer (the sea) from Cricket Collection-won't Beth love that one? Great for a beach house-or like mine, a wanna-be beach house!!
So back to mail order and talk to you soon!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thank you!

Hi all-Thank you to all of you that came/emailed/ordered online to TSS on Sunday...we had sooo many familiar and new faces-so many lovely emails-so many nice comments-Thank you to Melba for bringing her new little fuzzy, Amiga-she is so sweet-I can't wait to see pictures of her in her many years of fun to come! To the sweet lady(I don't know your name) in the shop that commented on my stitching challenge-thank you!! To Liz T -thanks for allowing me "leeway" on my challenge!! To Barb W we loved your comments on our not so favorite FB player-we totally, totally agree here!! We will be sending out an email today (hopefully) -with any luck I am going to try to get it out as Beth is heading to New Zealand and I will be the one sending out info-so ahead of time, wish me luck on my temporary job!! I'm thinking I'm gonna need it, folks!!

The above are coming later this month from The Drawn Thread! Gorgeous as always!!

Have a good day and again, we can't thank you all enough !!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

New from Prairie Schooler

Hi all-sorry it has been forever since I've updated you on the news-Beth and I have been crazy-busy trying to keep up with the mailorder, the web, ordering and the store-and it has been fun! There are tons of new goodies about to be released-and of course, this weekend is our annual Superbowl Sale! So I have been working like a dog (although my dogs don't work so hard-maybe I don't push them enough!!HAHA) to get items up today-and will again, tomorrow-so there will be lots to choose! The sale is from 12 noon until 4PM --20% off all but Dazor lights, DMC floss-we don't take framing in on Sunday either-other that that it's all up for grabs! Even the items that haven't made it to our shop yet!
Well, the above are new from Prairie Schooler and my favorite is As the Crow Flies-I think I will take it and use some overdyed floss like I did with Christmas Eve-that is when I finish up one of my challenge pieces-am back to Sampler Roundy and want to finish before Sunday so as to get it in one of our new round black boxes--stay tuned! The challenge is going extremely well-in fact I would highly recommend it--
Well, off to make dinner for my hard-working dogs!! New pics of them as well!!
Hope to see you (or hear from you) on Sunday!