Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Long time no Blog

Hi all-Once again I am apologizing for the HUGE gap of time without blogging-chalk it up to me being so busy here with the day-to-day tasks...so without any more excuses I hope all is good with you all-I haven't been up to visit Mom and Dad in Vermont since Hurricane Irene hit-they did send me newspaper clippings that documented the horrors. They have been actively assisting the Veterinarian with people needing help with their pet's needs/medications. My niece, their granddaughter is doing a silent auction to benefit those that lost their homes. And she has a "walk in tent" filled with free clothing for those that lost everything. As a community they have pulled together...it is a testament to the good we can do.

I am going to peruse the net today (given the time) -saw a snippet of the newest Shepherd's Bush stocking "Thomas" (see above picture) and can't wait to see it completed! I have seen several snippets of the "coming soon" designs from WTN/CTS and will post a link to their site-http://www.withthyneedleandthread.blogspot.com/....I can't post any "WIPS" here as it is a copyright infringement-I do have to say I can't wait until the Winter Season , Merry Christmas to Ewe and November Words arrive 9see posts 9/13, 9/22, and 9/23 for pics).

Well, off to do my tasks-will be back this week with more (keep your fingers crossed!)

Be good to others-the world seems a bit chaotic now and kindness seems in short supply!

xoxo Molly