Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well Happy New Year and we made it! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! It certainly went quickly and here we are facing a new year...I am sooooo happy and relieved to be beyond the rush-to be headed toward a quieter day in New Year's Day-a day to fix up my calendar, make my resolutions, and take the day to stitch while in my pjs!! My favorite kind of day! I looked back at last year's resolutions-laugh more, stress less and think that will be my top resolution again this year...Stitch more is #2! Blog more is #3...

Blackbird Designs has released "Winter" which is the third in a three part booklet-love all of the projects in this new book.

Will be here tomorrow for the 30% off day-hope to see you sometime soon!! Have a safe and fun weekend-Take care of you!

Molly )

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas to all!

Hi all-Beth and I were talking-it was really just yesterday that we were getting ready for Christmas and for inventory-my grandmother was so right-she gave me two pieces of advice:

1. Don't wear lipstick-it stains your lips-once you start wearing it you'll have to continue--Didn't listen--Beth calls me a lipstick "ho"!

2. Enjoy each day-life goes faster and the older you get the faster it goes!

My goal at this point is always New Year's Day-I'm home-the shopping/the rush is over-I can enjoy a day off with NOTHING to do but sit with my pups and stitch!

I have posted two pictures of one of Blue Ribbon's future designs (and I'm a big Shaker fan) due out in February at Nashville-that will be here before you know it--right, Catherine G?? Cannot wait to see more Spring

I hope you all enjoy your holidays-I hope you get some time for you-and don't forget to check in next week for special fun at TSS!! Merry Merry!!

Molly )

Thursday, December 1, 2011

New from Blackbird and WTN/CTS

Hi all-I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving--didn't it just go too quickly? It truly is my favorite holiday-time with friends and family, great food and not so much pressure!

Lots of fun going on at the shop-if you stop by you'll hear joking and laughter-what a great place to work!! Thank you to all that have been in or that have been sending such nice emails and comments-you fuel our desire to find new items and ideas!!

The above are three "to come" items-Blackbird and With Thy Needle/Country Stitches-great projects ahead of us!!

Enjoy these next few weeks as much as possible-remember to take time for yourselves, your loved ones, your furry critters! I'm trying not to get caught up in the shopping frenzy--trying to reserve time to stitch and sit with my three hooligans! Thank you for your visit!!

xoxo Molly