Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's Superbowl Sale time!!

Greetings Friends!
     WOW!  Today was a balmy 50 degrees out…it felt tropical!  Just a quick blog to remind everyone that tomorrow is our Annual Superbowl Sale! If you're stopping by the shop, in person…we can't WAIT to see you.  The shop will be open from noon - 4pm.  This is one of the only Sundays TSS is ever open.  If you're going to be visiting online, our sale runs ALL DAY! 

Our SUPERBOWL SALE is your chance to STOCK UP!
Everything, with the exception of previously discounted items
(such as Dazor lamps), DMC floss, any framing or finishing, will be discounted
YES, All purchases are 20% OFF. 

Because Superbowl Sunday is such a big event…no phone calls are taken and NO FRAMING ORDERS are taken.

I always think it's great that Superbowl is played early in the new year…because this is the time to start a new project.  Nothing like that feeling.  And, if you plan ahead, which sometimes I do (!!),  you can get projects for giving at a discount.  

huh, 2, 3 4…who do you think is gonna score?
Who really cares….let's shop!!!

where do you stitch?

These are 2 different sizes of keychains…a great accessory!

We are gaga over our new tote bags!
These bags are sturdy material, with a cute ribbon and embroidery.  
They measure 14w x 16h with an 8" handle. 

We also have new project bags!! These are discounted for the Super Bowl sale..but they won't be discounted after that. 
These look terrific!

shop online or in the shop…'ll find all kinds of great goodies!
Happy Stitching!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Stitching

Hey there my friends :-)
     How is everyone's Saturday going?  It's rainy, here in Southeastern PA...but it's warm today. I haven't decided if I would prefer sunny and cold or rainy and hunch is sunny and warm!  GOOD NEWS...only 79 days until Opening Day.  I'm guessing that many of you know just what Opening Day I'm waiting for.......
     My husband (Jay) and Antie (Beth, my sister :) left to take our oldest son Jimmy to baseball prax. (hint hint)  Chris (our youngest son) is doing some pre game hoops out in the garage...and I thought, what a great time to blog a bit, so here I am for a few, before I am off to take Christopher to his basketball game.  Kinda like your favorite stitching spot...I am in my cozy spot at my computer. Surrounded by favorite photos and momentos, with my own music on the phone (OK that sounds weird....but that's how I listen to music now!! ) where my creative juices can flow.  Funny how we all have a special space, huh?

Here's my guardian angel that I got at a yard of my boys and my niece..momentos of my boy's preschool days...and of course a diet coke!! Our sons go to St Cornelius and we love that our faith is as much a part of their school day as math and English. The picture to the left of the swan is by my son Jimmy when he was 5.
It reads,
"My gift to Jesus is to act like Him. I wood (would) be nus (nice) to others.  I will be nus to eve (every) budey (buddy).
Simple, sweet..out of the mouths of babes.
     So, what are you all stitching on, this Saturday?  Something for yourself...a gift for another, that project you have waiting to start?? I always love January...because I feel like it's time to start a new that!  I have been working on new designs.  After a long hiatus...I am hoping to be back up and designing on a regular basis...with a slightly different twist!  Look for designs from Serenity Stitches in the not too distant future.  Today, however, I have taken a little break from "creating" to "re-creating"! A very close friend of mine is going through some anxious isn't easy, is it? I have certainly learned that we all have "stuff" in our lives...nobody's bigger or smaller than anyone else's.  So, I am stitching a little pick me up for her....that I am going to have finished into a pillow, by our finisher.  You've seen it before..because I've stitched it before....
I stitched this for the shop...and posted it several times...and it really "spoke" to a lot of people.  I have to say, it was one of my most favorite things to stitch, because it "spoke" to me too.  It's kind of like Jimmy's little's simple and straightforward....and sometimes we need that reminder.  I'm enjoying stitching this for my sweet girl, Alayna!
Here's a little snippet of one of the my new designs for Serenity Stitches :-)
It is making it's way to the creative mind of Molly made frames...and will feature a hand carved/hand painted mat <3 class="separator" p="" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> 
If you're looking for a new might want to try a design by With Thy Needle/Country Stitches.  The Strawberry Sampler is going retro! hahah....we used to have a Designer of the Month and Project of the Month...and we loved it! It's time to bring it back!  Our first Designer of the Month is Brenda Gervais, with With thy Needle.  During January....all designs from this talented designer will be 20% off.  And for the week, starting on January 10...our Project of the Week is Paper Snowflakes, from With thy Needle.  When you purchase the entire project (floss, fabric and design) receive 20% off of the entire "kit".  What fun!!! Pop over to our With Thy Needle page to do some browsing.

I think this is absolutely lovely...and great for this wintery time of year!
Framing Sale: January 11 ~ January 25
Now that you've finished all your gift-giving, you can bring in those pieces to do for yourself!  From Saturday, January 11 thru Saturday, January 25th, all custom framing (including the mounting fee) is 20% off.  We don't like to let Lise up for air... So, finish up those last few stitches & find those finished pieces you put on the back burner before Christmas, & bring them in to be framed!!!!!
Well, it's time to finish up and get my ginger headed boy over to his basketball game.
Hoping you all have a wonderful day. 
Drop me a line and tell me what you're stitching!
And....can I just say..
huge hugs,



Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year

Greetings Stitchers,
       Did any of you fall into the warp speed zone that I fell into between Thanksgiving and New Year's? I don't know if it was the shorter time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the common cold, the snow days, the school activities or just that warp speed problem...but my blog was obviously a victim of it!!  AND...I've been trying to do my blog all week and the program was NOT WORKING! After much complaining..Beth finally came to the rescue (after Molly and I sat looking blankly at a blank screen).  I firmly believe that Beth channeled my son Jimmy and figured out that we needed Google Chrome. (Jimmy swears by it!) After she figured THAT out, though...she basically're on your own...good luck to you.  Fortunately...if we work real hard...between the group of us, we can pool our talents and make things here I am blogging! We do hope that each and every one of you had a most blessed Christmas and Holiday season and that this New Year is off to a great start for you.  
       This time of year around the shop is ... interesting! Inventory is done...and there's a feeling of spring cleaning or winter cleaning or no more cookies and danishes feeling.  Something like that.... Suddenly, we can think about finishing and framing deadlines without the need to practice deep breathing exercises, Christmas projects are a thing of the past (though we vow we WILL start earlier this year...but that's what Christmas in July is for), our walls look bare with all of the holiday decorations it's time for something fresh and new, it is time for projects for OURSELVES...something fun or something challenging (that we can do now that we can THINK again), we feel like organizing, organizing, organizing...yup, our stash is our oyster.
       In that vein of fresh starts..we have been brainstorming .... again, just one brain that's what we piece together from our pulled brain resources! bahahah!  Anywho...our cup is running over with exciting new ideas that will be making their debut in the weeks to follow!  I'll share a few of them with you below! 

Probably, if you're reading know that we have a website. (if you didn't know that..pop on over and check out all there is to see).  Over the next several months our website will be going through an overhaul.  Over the next few weeks...we will be starting some subtle changes to our front page.  We are hoping that you like the updates!  There will be lots of new things to see, such as.... A Stitcher's Gallery, A Yard Sale, A Get to Know Us...and more! Be sure to check the website often to see what pops up as we go along! 

I don't know if I want to break out into....Rockin' Robin, tweet tweet tweet or sing the Partridge Family song!!!  Maybe both! You can now follow us on TWITTER....we are tweeting.  Granted, it takes all 3 of us to figure out how to tweet, what to tweet and where to tweet...but tweeting we are!!  This will be a very fast way for us to update you on LOTS of things going on here in the shop and on-line!  Follow us Now at @strawberrysamp.  We think this is right!!  I will double check with my almost 13 year old son Jimmy, after school...he keeps us technologically up to date!

facebook too!!                       

We know! We know!!  It seems like an overload of social media!!!  We're just trying to find ways to connect with everyone, and since I am constantly listening to all of the new places to "meet" (from my kids), we thought...WHY NOT SHARE our STITCHING? I have also been informed that facebook is for the "old crowd" for me! Like us on facebook for lots of neat fb flashmob promotions.  It could be anything...a sale, a brand new item, a question......who knows, but you'll want to check in! 

Winter or Summer? ~ Snow or Sand?


    I think we're all very familiar with the phrase....POLAR VORTEX by now.  And though cold weather is GREAT for stitching, if Mother Nature is listening....we could just go with cold instead of frozen. you like stitching winter or stitching summer..... here's a few options for ya :-)

Winter Flurries

Just a little bit to catch up!  Will be back SOOOON!  I'm off to publish this and get off to car line to pick up my boys!

Hugs and Stitches 
Abby and the gang

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Family

Happy Thanksgiving Friends, 
     Just a quick note, hoping that all of our friends.....far and near....enjoyed a much blessed Thanksgiving day. We hope each and everyone of you know just how dear you are to our hearts.  We would like to think that we are appreciative and thankful for you every day....but it has a little bit more "pixie dust" on Thanksgiving day :-)  For stopping in the shop with your smiling faces, for the excited voices over the phone, for the orders you choose to place online with us, for the treats you share with us....for giving us a place to work that we love...WE THANK YOU. 

     We tried a little something different this year.  As much of our family is spread across the US, and even across the globe (!), you learn that...."friends are the family you find along your way".  This year we spent a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with just that family here in Pennsylvania.  As many of you family is over the moon about baseball.  I love it too.  One of the best things, however, is the people we have met by playing this game of bats and balls.  Chris has played with Dillon for a little over 2 years now...and our families have been blessed with an amazing friendship.  So this year we went to a local spot and celebrated our blessings and our families together.  There was no cooking and no cleaning....but there were plenty of laughs and warm memories made.

Our Gang. 
Dillon and Chris are the 2 in the middle in the red.
There love of baseball has created blessings greater than we could have imagined.

     And one of the greatest things? The D's have a daughter...yes out of our combined 7 children....ONE GIRL.  So, Emily time is the BEST!

Ruth Ellen and Emily.....
the 2 June birthday girls

Whether you enjoyed a day with your "blood" relatives or the family you've found along your journey....we hope it was a wonderful day. 
We include all of you in OUR FAMILY, that we've found along OUR JOURNEY. 

Not to be forgotten!!!
As is tradition...our "gift" to you....we have our annual Christmas gift. 
This year is as cute as ever! 

May we each find peace in the chaos of the world....may we have peace in our own hearts and lives that we may share it with others. 
Beginning on Black Friday, while supplies last....
The Peace KIT is free to you with purchase. (1 per customer) 
The Wooden Star Ornaments are available for purchase. 

BLACK FRIDAY SALE...and then some

From Thursday, November 28th (Turkey day) thru Wednesday (Hump day) December 4th,
everything in the shop is 20% off.  Only exclusions (aka, hoops) are: DMC floss, large Dazor lamps (those 2 items are already discounted) & finishing or custom framing (the usual).  In stock frames however, are eligible for 20% discount.

Join us at the shop or online.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all....

Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's beginning to feel a lot like........

Greetings Stitchers!

     We're having another fun day here at the shop.  The holiday spirit is definitely buzzing around here! Though we NEVER want to skip past Thanksgiving.....I think with Thanksgiving coming so late this year...the Christmas spirit is popping up.  Maybe it's a time of thanks and blessings of heart and soul. My pumpkins and autumn goodies are still out, but I must admit...I put my candles in my windows!  It's so nice, with the nights getting darker come from one of the boy's practices, to my home glowing with candlelight.  I may keep them up all winter :-)  My family is beyond excited today, because our immediate family from Boston is on their way to Pennsylvania, as I type! Jimmy has literally been counting the hours.  They have helped get things ready for their cousins and planned outings with everyone.  My mother in law's birthday was on Monday, so we will be celebrating that this weekend.  We have a new trampoline park (skyzone....the place ROCKS), that my boys they decided the BEST way to celebrate Nana's birthday would be to take her to Skyzone!!!  I love the sentiment....but I'm not sure we'll be fighting the young'ns to bounce!

This was taken a summer ago :-) ... on our favorite place...
Cape Cod
     What are you stitching on?  If you are frantically finishing something up for Christmas finishing and still have a few more days.  The Framing and Finishing Deadline is November 23rd!!  Get those needles can DO IT!  There's nothing like giving something that you've created from your heart and your hands.  It doesn't have to be big..sometimes a little something means the world!  And if not...there's always next year! I have been working on some of the Little House designs...they are quick stitches and fun to do.  I also have My To Do List stitched for Christmas giving. Whatever you are giving....the truth is, it IS the thought that matters. Whether it is something hand made...or the special something that you saw in Walgreens...whether it's in a big box, or no box at all....whether it's something that can be seen or something that is felt.....if it comes from your is the best gift of all
a few Thanksgiving goodies.....

This is SO ADORABLE. Those of us here in Pennsylvania, love the stone on the is often seen in our parts. 

I love this idea...Thanksgiving stockings.  And these are so cute with the pilgrims on them!

Have you seen these new Shaker boxes?  We are in LOVE with them!

love this! How cute is the turkey??

the 11th in the Little Sheep Virtues series..
Gratitude...a daily need.
a few Christmas ideas...for WHICH Christmas, we didn't say

Many of us are still stitching for Christmas giving..but some of us are just stitching...and LOTS of us like to stitch holiday items at holiday times.  It's like a little gift when the next holiday rolls around...
So here are a few quick stitching things..and just some favorites :-)

Now THIS would be easy to stitch up quickly as a last minute Christmas gift.  The framed piece comes as the Wondrous Linen Kit and includes everything but the floss.
The Wondrous Pillow includes 14ct fabric, the pillow and the floss. SO CUTE.
We love nativity scenes....this is kinda like one!

Ya gotta BELIEVE!
I'm putting this in my pile, for SURE!

Don't ya love the thought?
Sleigh Rides and Snowflakes (I'm always a fan of the alliteration too)

New from one of our FAVES, Lizzie Kate.
Stitch it up now and you'll having something warm and cozy on your walls for wintertime!
(this kit comes with 28ct linen and the embellishments)

this is a darling little sampler! I like the YULE at the end

IS this GREAT? Love the way it is finished.
I'm just thinking these would be great for a Cape Cod Christmas!
GREAT Stitcher's give or RECEIVE. And no stitching required
A gift certificate...nothing says I love you like, go buy something for yourself!!!
We have a TRUNK SHOW from My BIG TOE, of accessories.
They have been SO POPULAR, and they are exquisite.
(though I think it would be best with a you could clip it on your scissors and it wouldn't get lost.)

The Stitch Picker....face it you do that more than you'd like.


I think these are just gorgeous on the pincushion!

GREAT Petite Scissors.  These are LOVELY.


and another little idea....
And lots of you have too.
Somebody asking what you want for Christmas? We can kit this up for your little elf to give.
The verse reads,
"all my scattering moments are taken up with my needle"
until the next bloggeroo...Happy Stitching