Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year

Greetings Stitchers,
       Did any of you fall into the warp speed zone that I fell into between Thanksgiving and New Year's? I don't know if it was the shorter time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the common cold, the snow days, the school activities or just that warp speed problem...but my blog was obviously a victim of it!!  AND...I've been trying to do my blog all week and the program was NOT WORKING! After much complaining..Beth finally came to the rescue (after Molly and I sat looking blankly at a blank screen).  I firmly believe that Beth channeled my son Jimmy and figured out that we needed Google Chrome. (Jimmy swears by it!) After she figured THAT out, though...she basically're on your own...good luck to you.  Fortunately...if we work real hard...between the group of us, we can pool our talents and make things here I am blogging! We do hope that each and every one of you had a most blessed Christmas and Holiday season and that this New Year is off to a great start for you.  
       This time of year around the shop is ... interesting! Inventory is done...and there's a feeling of spring cleaning or winter cleaning or no more cookies and danishes feeling.  Something like that.... Suddenly, we can think about finishing and framing deadlines without the need to practice deep breathing exercises, Christmas projects are a thing of the past (though we vow we WILL start earlier this year...but that's what Christmas in July is for), our walls look bare with all of the holiday decorations it's time for something fresh and new, it is time for projects for OURSELVES...something fun or something challenging (that we can do now that we can THINK again), we feel like organizing, organizing, organizing...yup, our stash is our oyster.
       In that vein of fresh starts..we have been brainstorming .... again, just one brain that's what we piece together from our pulled brain resources! bahahah!  Anywho...our cup is running over with exciting new ideas that will be making their debut in the weeks to follow!  I'll share a few of them with you below! 

Probably, if you're reading know that we have a website. (if you didn't know that..pop on over and check out all there is to see).  Over the next several months our website will be going through an overhaul.  Over the next few weeks...we will be starting some subtle changes to our front page.  We are hoping that you like the updates!  There will be lots of new things to see, such as.... A Stitcher's Gallery, A Yard Sale, A Get to Know Us...and more! Be sure to check the website often to see what pops up as we go along! 

I don't know if I want to break out into....Rockin' Robin, tweet tweet tweet or sing the Partridge Family song!!!  Maybe both! You can now follow us on TWITTER....we are tweeting.  Granted, it takes all 3 of us to figure out how to tweet, what to tweet and where to tweet...but tweeting we are!!  This will be a very fast way for us to update you on LOTS of things going on here in the shop and on-line!  Follow us Now at @strawberrysamp.  We think this is right!!  I will double check with my almost 13 year old son Jimmy, after school...he keeps us technologically up to date!

facebook too!!                       

We know! We know!!  It seems like an overload of social media!!!  We're just trying to find ways to connect with everyone, and since I am constantly listening to all of the new places to "meet" (from my kids), we thought...WHY NOT SHARE our STITCHING? I have also been informed that facebook is for the "old crowd" for me! Like us on facebook for lots of neat fb flashmob promotions.  It could be anything...a sale, a brand new item, a question......who knows, but you'll want to check in! 

Winter or Summer? ~ Snow or Sand?


    I think we're all very familiar with the phrase....POLAR VORTEX by now.  And though cold weather is GREAT for stitching, if Mother Nature is listening....we could just go with cold instead of frozen. you like stitching winter or stitching summer..... here's a few options for ya :-)

Winter Flurries

Just a little bit to catch up!  Will be back SOOOON!  I'm off to publish this and get off to car line to pick up my boys!

Hugs and Stitches 
Abby and the gang

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