Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's Superbowl Sale time!!

Greetings Friends!
     WOW!  Today was a balmy 50 degrees out…it felt tropical!  Just a quick blog to remind everyone that tomorrow is our Annual Superbowl Sale! If you're stopping by the shop, in person…we can't WAIT to see you.  The shop will be open from noon - 4pm.  This is one of the only Sundays TSS is ever open.  If you're going to be visiting online, our sale runs ALL DAY! 

Our SUPERBOWL SALE is your chance to STOCK UP!
Everything, with the exception of previously discounted items
(such as Dazor lamps), DMC floss, any framing or finishing, will be discounted
YES, All purchases are 20% OFF. 

Because Superbowl Sunday is such a big event…no phone calls are taken and NO FRAMING ORDERS are taken.

I always think it's great that Superbowl is played early in the new year…because this is the time to start a new project.  Nothing like that feeling.  And, if you plan ahead, which sometimes I do (!!),  you can get projects for giving at a discount.  

huh, 2, 3 4…who do you think is gonna score?
Who really cares….let's shop!!!

where do you stitch?

These are 2 different sizes of keychains…a great accessory!

We are gaga over our new tote bags!
These bags are sturdy material, with a cute ribbon and embroidery.  
They measure 14w x 16h with an 8" handle. 

We also have new project bags!! These are discounted for the Super Bowl sale..but they won't be discounted after that. 
These look terrific!

shop online or in the shop…'ll find all kinds of great goodies!
Happy Stitching!