Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello, stitchers! Posted pictures are new from Cross-Eyed Cricket due out later this month-the bellpull is adorable with the center section showing two chairs facing each other in front of the fireplace-note it is a cross-section of a house-and note the little mouse under the house! :) The strawberries have sweet little designs...always love their designs!
Here comes another great be it tense night of baseball! I can't listen to the radio anymore as I have heard too many opinions (good and bad)!!! We here at the shop are wearing our lucky shirts, we've even made our buddy, Andy, the UPS guy, wear the same thing from Monday!! Enjoy tonight, enjoy your stitching if you can and more tomorrow!! Molly

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  1. Love the mouse under the house! Oh my - it's only 6:15 and I am sooo sleepy. I can't imagine how I will make it through the game tonite! GO PHILLIES!