Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New from Lizzie Kate!

Good morning-in the midst of all of the planning for Thanksgiving I find myself hoping there is a big chunk of time that maybe I can stitch!! I have at least five pies (maybe six or seven-I can never narrow it down!!) and at least five batches of muffins to make tomorrow night-I set the kitchen up with a TV or boom box (so 90's!!) at one side...then I start, usually with the muffins and have a bakefest-I love it!! This will be Miley's first year-we'll see how he likes it!! It usually ceases by 11 or 12...with great smells and at least one flop of a pie!! :)
I am on the hunt for new stitching stuff-will post more later--hope you're looking forward to the next few days!! Molly

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