Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Victoria Sampler and Drawn Thread

Good afternoon-We've had a busy day here...We're glad to see and hear from so many of you...I got a chance to talk to Mary W. who finished Erica Michael's Little Bit O' Autumn which she said was very much fun...we got a chance to see JoAnn W. today-she was shopping with her daughter-in-law...they both got some fabulous projects and a joy to have here at the shop! We got to live vicariously through her as she wants to stitch a few of the blocks from Christmas at Hawk Run and we changed the DMC to Weeks Dye Works, Gentle Arts and Crescent Colors-stunning! I heard from Catherine G-she's sooo ready for next Friday and has decided wrapping Christmas presents my have to be usurped for stitching! We met a new gal in town yesterday, Faith...she may join us for Friday stitching if she is in many wonderful people...
The pictures seen are from The Drawn Thread and Victoria's Sampler...
To all who have served our country...we thank you sincerely!! Bless you! Have a good day--Molly

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