Friday, November 6, 2009

Yeah, it's Friday!! Hello all-here's hoping you have picked yourselves up from the loss and are as proud of our Phillies as I am!! It was a sad night but now there's less than 100 days 'til Spring training!! Now on to stitching--the above are from Notforgotten Farm, Jeanette Douglas, and Carousel Charts. I am anxiously awaiting the new Jenny Bean Christmas sampler-have run out of WDW Bark so my ABC Hornbook must wait 'til Monday (next shipment) and Jenny Bean Halloween will be started . [:) So to you all I say have a super weekend-enjoy a rain-free Saturday and a very sunny Sunday-I will be planting bulbs my mom sent in honor of my pup, Oliver, that I lost in is a lovely tradition she the Spring it is a nice chance to reminisce! Talk to you on Monday!! Molly

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